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Contract for Hire of Club Track Bike 2018/2019

Contract for Hire of Club Track Bike 2018/2019


Contract for Hire of Club Track Bike 2018/2019

You must either have a current club membership or higher or apply for membership to take this contract

Club Members Name _______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name _______________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________
Email _____________________________________________________________________________
Phone _____________________________________ Mobile____________________________________
Riders Height _______________________ Riders age in 2019 __________________________if under 20
Height and age will be used to determine what size bike and gearing are needed.
Frame Size _________________ Cycle/ Serial no________________
Sprocket Size ________________________ Chain Ring Size ____________________________(Size = no, of teeth)
Additional Equipment Supplied _______________________________________________________

Fee (per season) PER BIKE $100 Bond      DIRECT CREDIT
$60 Hireage   BIKE MANAWATU ACC NUMBER 01-0745-0284925-00

*NOTE: 50% of your bond will be forfeited if the cycle is not returned by the end of April 2019

TOTAL PAID $____________________________

Conditions of Hire: Please Read

1. The cycle is to be insured for theft and fire under the household contents insurance. |
2. The cycle must not be ridden on the road and the frame and all gear must be kept in good order.
3. The cycle must not be painted and NO stickers are permitted to be placed on it.
4. The hirer is responsible for the repair or replacement of parts on the track bike should it be involved in an accident.
5. The hirer of the bike is responsible for the replacement of tubular tyres that puncture or blow out. These tyres must be replaced with a tyre of similar quality so as the bike can be used on the track in a safe manner. The same applies to those bikes that have an open tubular tyre and tube.
6. The club has the right to revoke the contract if the conditions of hire are not adhered to.
7. As a hirer of a club asset you will be asked to support the club by making yourself or someone on your behalf to help with the running of the track programme. Full training will be given for any role given

8. *50% of your bond will be forfeited if the cycle is not returned by the end of April 2019.

Cyclist ___________________________ Parent _______________________ Club Official ___________________
Date _____________________
Payment made (Please tick) ꙱ Cash ꙱ Eftpos ꙱ Internet Banking

For bond refund purposes please provide your bank account details:

Bank Name: _______________________________ Name of Account__________________________________


Date Returned ____________________________ Bond Refunded Yes / No

Track cycling

Track cycling

BM Track Membership 2021-2022 Season

Welcome to our returning and new Rookie riders for the 2022 Bike Manawatu track season. 

For those new to the sport, the BM Track season offers a good mix of competitive and fun racing in a social and supportive environment.  We cater to ages and abilities as the racing is split into grades based on their previous experience (our younger Junior riders are split into their A and B categories).

The track season is run over the summer months (October to April) at Johnston Park Velodrome in Feilding every Sunday afternoon and a few Thursday’s sessions in between. 

Each week’s racing will be different with a racing timetable released a few days prior.  On race day, please ensure to bring your helmet, gloves, shoes, and plenty of water.  You will be assigned your own race number at the start of the season, and this must be worn to each meeting or else you will be unable to compete.

For those of you that are interested in hiring a track bike from the BM Track Committee, the cost is $80 plus a refundable bond of $60.  These can be requested when you complete the BM Track Membership form. Full terms and conditions will be given to you at the bike fitting.

There are two forms of licenses available to purchase for cycling:

BM Social Membership 

  • ·All riders wishing to ride this track season MUST HOLD THIS MEMBERSHIP
  • ·For those riders only wishing to ride at BM club events. You cannot race at other regions club events, regionally or national events.
  • ·It does not provide insurance of any kind.    

NZ Cycling Licence

  • ·This is an additional license you can purchase via Cycling NZ which allows you to compete at BM clubs’ events AND other regional club or national events
  • ·If you are wish to attempt any records you will require a NZ Cycling Licence
  • ·When filling out the NZ Cycling License form, select Ride Club, Ride Youth or Race options depending on your requirements
  • ·All Cycling NZ Membership comes with their own endorsed discount programme and insurance. 

Entries for BM Track Season

All riders planning to race on the track or road will need to fill out a 2021-2022 Track Entry Form and purchase a Bike Manawatu Social Membership License.  Click here to complete these forms

2021-2020 BM Track Meeting Calendar   (coming soon)



Click Here to Register for the 2020-2021 Track Season

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Bike Manawatu Track Cycling Results 2018 – 2020 


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Bike Manawatu 2018 Carnival Results Here     2018 Carnival Podium Photos can be found here


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