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Track Cycling Development Pathway for New Riders -2013. Updated 2019

Track Cycling Development Pathway for New Riders -2013. Updated 2019

Bike Manawatu endeavours to take all practical and reasonable steps to ensure the safety of riders and other in the vicinity of Johnston Park Velodrome while participating in any Bike Manawatu organised events.

Bike Manawatu will endeavour to ensure as much as possible within their control, that there is a safe environment for all persons including facilities and equipment. Bike Manawatu will take steps to ensure the rider is aware of hazards and controls, and safe practices to participate in the events.

Bike Manawatu will not be liable for repercussions of any events, activities of situations not organised by Bike Manawatu.





Completed. Dated and Signed by Assessor



Receive booklet. Register

Read and sign indemnity






Read, ask, sign

Understanding risks and controls involved with track cycling





Track Orientation training

Understand rules, Guidelines and conduct (Especially for group riding and racing) and able to demonstrate safe and controlled bike handling.





Track Racing

Displays knowledge and understanding of track conduct. Ride safely and confidently with other riders.


Riders warming up behind motorbike pacer Ian Gray 2018

1. Indemnity and acknowledgement

In consideration to being permitted to participate in any cycling events at Johnston Park Velodrome for any Bike Manawatu organised event the Rider understands and agrees to abode by the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Bike Manawatu: any Board Member of Bike Manawatu or employee or person endorsed by the Board, including any volunteer acting in an official capacity as representing Bike Manawatu.

1. Rider hereby releases, waives and discharges Bike Manawatu, from any liability and claims for loss, and agrees and covenants not to sue for, any claim, liability, or demand of any kind or on account of personal injury, temporary or permanent disability, death, property damage, or other damages, wheather caused by the negligence of Bike Manawatu or otherwise, resulting from or in any way associated with the Rider using Johnston Park Velodrome and any cycling equipment and participating in any organised cycling activities.

2. Rider further hereby voluntarily assumes all risks of personal injury, including temporary or permanent disability or death, property damage, economic losses, and/or other damages to Rider and their equipment.

3. Rider hereby grants Bike Manawatu, the irrevocable and unrestricted right and permission to use , reuse, publish and re-publish photographic portraits or pictures of Rider or in which Rider included, in whole or in part, or composite
Rider also consents to the use of any printed matter in conjunction therewith.
If the Rider us under 18 years of age parental consent is required.

4. Rider acknowledges there are Specific hazards associated with riding on the Velodrome and agrees to follow any rules, controls and guidelines provided by Bike Manawatu.

Rider (Names)




Parents Name if under 18 years old


Parents Signature




Bike Manawatu Representative


2. Hazards and Controls

The Rider is informed of the following hazards and controls involved with Track Cycling


Type of harm or danger


Fixed wheel bicycles

Loss of control

Riders should have “practiced” riding their bikes for several hours before competing or riding in groups

Wet Surface

Slippery, especially painted lines

Do not ride

Wait till dry.

Slow Riders

Being hit by faster riders approaching from rear

Hold your line. Do not waver or move across track. Move to above Blue line when it is clear and safe to do so.

Fast Riders

Colliding with slower riders

Fast riders approaching slower riders must go around the rider in safe fashion

Inexperienced Riders

Collision with other riders
Crashing by self

Riders should “practice” riding the Velodrome for several hours before racing.
Riders should have attended Track Orientation Training sessions prior to racing.

Weaving and wavering riders

Collision with other riders

Dangerous riding behaviour will not be tolerated. Rider will be warned and requested to exit the track.

Deliberate dangerous riding

Crashes to other riders

Dangerous riding behaviour will not be tolerated. Rider will be requested to exit the track.

Loose fitting
Shoes / Cleats / Pedals

Feet loosing contact with bike. If cleats fail rider will exit track immediately

Ride up above Blue line immediately or exit track onto grass.

Riders equipment must be inspected by competent person before continuing.
Equipment must be safe for use or rider not permitted to continue.

Regularly following too closely or half wheeling

Touching / Clipping wheels and crashing

Until the rider(s) have acquired adequate experience and skills, they should be warned and discouraged from riding in such manner

People on track

Collision with person

Non riders must not cross the track or be on the track once an event has started.

Access to the track ONLY by access gate.
Gate must be closed when racing is on.

Walking down steps

Mis-step and fall

Be aware of steps

Take the ramp walkway

Jumping the fence

Incomplete manoeuvre

Use the gate

Too many riders on track


Slow riders (or lapped out) must ride above the blue line.

Race director shall limit numbers on track in accordance with UCI rules.


Injury to rider

Damage to bike

Riders should have undertaken a familiarisation and orientation training course before competing.
Riders shall be suitable experience to ride in various grades.

Helmets shall meet NZS standards and be damage free.

Riders should have protective clothing worn underneath their cycling kit.

Gloves should be worn at all times.

Loose items on track

Loss of control

Track should be swept clean before riding commences. Race Managers responsibility.
All grass, sticks, leaves, seeds etc shall be removed.

People too close to track

Obscured vision.

Being hit by rider

Spectators and officials shall be at least 2m form inside track.

Spectators must remain behind fence on outside of track at all times.

Blowout and other mechanical failure

Crashing or causing others to crash

Equipment must be regularly inspected for safe condition, and maintained in good order or replaced when required.

Lack of information on track riding


Ensure rider has participated in Track orientation training and received a copy of: Getting Started in Road and Track Cycling – A Beginners Guide”, and in particular note pages 4-10

Excessive Wind

Buffeting and direction changes

Where there is excessive wind and there is a high risk of incident riders may choose to NOT participate in event.

Deep dish wheels ad full disks should not be ridden.
Race director may postpone or cancel event.

If the Rider is unsure of any risks and has further questions, before signing the Rider should seek personal assistance from Bike Manawatu

Rider has read (and discussed any queries they may have) and understands the hazards and controls associated with Track Cycling Including those listed above, and agrees to participate at events in a safe and respectful manner at all times and in accordance with guidelines in the booklet, and as directed by event organisers.

Rider (Names)




Parents Name if under 18 years old


Parents Signature




Bike Manawatu Representative


3. Track Orientation Training

The Rider shall undertake a session run by Bike Manawatu. All riders new to Track Cycling shall participate.
Competent or experienced riders may forgo the session at the discretion of the assessor or Bike Manawatu.
The Rider shall be informed, educated, trained and assessed as competent in the following activities carried out during the session



Competent Y/N

Assessor Signature

Bike Setup


Shoes / Cleats / Pedals




Given Booklet


Hazards & Controls.
Read, understood, questions


Standing (held) starts


Rolling starts and off the fence


White Line


Yellow Line


Blue Line


Head up looking ahead. No looking back


Riding straight lines


How to overtake and pass


Last 250m plus next 100m after finish line


Warm, down lap and

stopping/ dismounting


Entry from entry gate only.
Exit from exit gate only


Safe standing distance from the Track.


Hire Bikes access use and return



Campbell Stewart celebrates winning the World Championship at the Omnium at Poland February 2019