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Need to knows for the Track season

Important Info for the track season 

  • Cancellations of meeting due to bad weather will be posted on the BikeManawatu Track Cycling Facebook group at least 45 minutes before track start time. We will also endeavor to get this posted on the BikeManawatu website and Facebook page
  • Racing grades: You will start at the beginning of the season in the grade according to your 2021 CyclingNZ license category (this is dependent on your age at the 31st December)
  • Cost: $30.00 for the whole season (racing before and after Christmas), this is to be paid in cash when you register at your 1st meeting of the season. A nominated person will be at the first two meetings running registration, so you may need to arrive slightly earlier to register. Registration involves payment, signing the waver, filling out your contact details and receiving your number for the season
  • Numbers: Again this year you will be responsible for your own number. This involves bringing it to each race meet (NO NUMBER = NO RESULT) and returning it at the end of the season. If your number is not returned to Ian Gray within a month of the last track meet you will be charged $20.00
  • Warm-up starts 30mins before the start of racing
  • Licensing: Track riders need to be at least a member of BikeManawatu club. To race at WCNI events a centre license is required. National events require a CyclingNZ race license
  • We are always after volunteers, please click here to read more. We especially would like to know who has their 1st aid certificate.
  • If we have enough masters riders we will run a masters grade 
  • Results: Will be posted on the BikeManawatu website each week under ‘Event Results & Records’
  • Records: The updated list of records is kept on the BikeManawatu website under ‘Event Results & Records’, if you would like to break a record please request it with the race organiser
  • Track cycling awards: We celebrate many successes at the track prizegiving, which is held at the end of the season. There is the overall points awards and the club championship awards. For a full list of the awards click here to check them out, so that you can strive towards them
  • Club championship points system is outlined here
  • Grades: If there is to be any chnages to the grades it must be approved by the race organiser 
  • WCNI events: If you are planning on representing our club at WCNI events please read this protocol here
  • Track location: Johnston Park Feilding Velodrome, click here for a map. 

Rookie Rider Information

A ‘Rookie Track Rider’, is a track cyclist who is racing on the track for their first season. Follow the below tips to come across as less of a ‘Rookie’. 

  • Get your position on your track bike checked out on the track. A track position is different to your road bike. We have good coaches with lots of experience to help you set your bike up
  • Most track cycling is explosive short distance and you need ti be well warmed up. Get there early to meetings to get well warmed up. If cold, bring plenty of warm clothes to keep warm
  • Wear gloves and a singlet under your racing top
  • For bike fittings bring your cycling shoes and pedals; and measure your seat height and know your crank length on your road bike
  • Pulling your feet out if your clip less pedals is extremely dangerous on the track as in track racing you are often putting optimum pressure on the pedals. It is very strongly recommended that you get Velcro straps fitted. We will do this for you at minimal cost
  • Make sure your tyres are pumped up near to the maximum recommended pressure for the tyres specification. Don’t role soft tyres; your bike rolls much easier at correct pressure. Check this before each meeting or training session
  • For rookie riders (new to track) it is compulsory to attend one of the orientation sessions organised 
  • It is recommended you purchase a book “Beginners Guide to Road and Track Cycling” Authors Ian Gray and Jonathan Kennett. It has a lot of essential information for ‘rookie’ track riders. These will be available at half price for new track riders (normal price $20). 
  • Click here for more safety information.

We will have some exciting competitions coming up so for information keep watching the ‘Track Cycling’ section of the BikeManawatu website and the BikeManawatu track Cycling Facebook group.

Track Cycling contacts

Track Co-ordinator: Ian Gray, 0211205751

Track administration: TBA, email TBA

Road bikes on track: TBA, email TBA