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Wed Night TT – 2 Dec 2015

Warm, fast conditions were the order of the day on 2 December. Almost everybody posted fastest times. Carne Groube finally cracked 16 minutes with a 15:59.61 and Robert Stannard broke through the mystical 15:15 barrier with a 15:11. If anyone can recall a faster time than this let me know, otherwise it can stand as the new record. Libby Arbuckle is starting to threaten the Women’s fastest time, going under 19 minutes this week with 18:54 – watch out!

A big thanks to Mike Groube, Tim Lloyd and Wayne Fenn who took over in the Stannard’s absence, and for all of those others who lent a hand on the night. Next week is the last contributing to the points series, Tom Pirie, Glenys Taylor, Michael Richmond and Barrie Eccles are the front runners, but not so far ahead that they can’t be caught! See you then, Katherine.

Results Here