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Track Cycling – 22nd November 2011

The strong westerly wind was probably responsible for a field of 33 riders, down from the record 50 of last week. As the night went on the wind eased and the meeting was held in reasonable conditions. We were treated to tight competitive racing, tighter photo finishes and to top it off we had the finesse and flow of team pursuits. One spectator noted that we are privileged to be entertained by such quality sporting theatre and entry is free.

The meeting was made up of 5 lap races followed by team pursuit trials then finished off with longer handicap races, all raced in age divisions. The under 15 boys and girls race produced the biggest finish with nine riders bombing the line from all over the track only for the win to be awarded along with a cash prize of $20 to James Cuff who was finishing the strongest on the outside lane. The team pursuits provided an opportunity for the riders to work as a team to bring about the best team performance. The cleanest demonstration of lapping and team work was provided by the masters combination the most powerful, efficient and fastest was provided by the PNBHS senior boys combination. One aspect of our track nights is the range of ages we enjoy and the enthusiasm with which our experienced riders encourage and teach our less experienced riders. The team pursuit allowed us to match the younger riders with our masters riders so the masters riders could work with the younger riders on the track to talk them through the event.

The race of the night was the final 12 lap handicap race made up of under 17 women up plus under 19 men up. The scratch bunch of PNBHS senior riders Mark Finlay, Jaycob Humphreys, Josh Chard and Luuk van Wantendonk were giving masters riders Roger Nicholas and Peter Wenborn 1 lap plus 100 metres. From the start Mark launched his first attack and opened a 10 metre gap from the other scratch riders the limit markers also got into their lapping work early to protect the handicap they had been given. After the first lap the scratch bunch had reformed and began to lap out.

The scratchies caught the limit men with 8 laps to go but because of the handicap the limit men were still a lap ahead of them. Roger latched onto the back of the scratchies like a limpet mine as they began the task of unlapping themselves. It took two laps of concerted effort for the scratchies to free themselves of a tenacious Roger but once they did they had one focus. The race had 5 laps to go and Mark launched another attack which forced Jaycob and Josh to work to bridge the gap, the sound of the tyres sizzling over asphalt provided the soundtrack to the battle on the track. The gap was bridged and Mark took a spell with three laps to go but Roger was tiring and facing the breeze at turn three was taking its toll.

On the last lap the bulk of the field merged to form a lead bunch that included Roger, Mark, Jaycob and Josh with 250 metres to go Mark launched his final attack and he had opened a 15 metre gap with less than a 100 metres to go but Jaycob had one more gap to bridge and only 100 metres to do it in. The fight in both of these riders was clear to see but as the distance to the finish line was reducing so was the gap between the riders and with a final surge over the last 20 metres Jaycob was able to catch then pass Mark for the win by less than half a wheel width.

Riders of the night were selected by Commissaire of the meet Marcel Hollenstein. Under 17 rider was James Denholm for a gutsy effort to ride solo in difficult conditions to almost hold off a strong scratch bunch. The over 17 rider was awarded to Jaycob Humphreys for winning both hotly contested races. A special thank you to John Stewart, who stayed behind with a spray can to go over the numbers on the track.


Under 15 Boys and Girls 5 laps race on the whistle

1st Michaela Drummond

2nd Chris Denholm

3rd Jake van Lienen

4th Robert Stannard

Under 17 Boys 5 laps race on whistle

1st Campbell Stewart

2nd Cameron Howell

3rd George Roberts

4th Josh Kendall

Under 17, under 19, Senior and Masters Women 5 lap scratch race

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Kelsi Eccles

3rd Sharon Hollenstein

4th Tegan Roffe

U19 Men and Senior and Masters Men5 lap scratch race

1st Jaycob Humphreys

2nd Josh Chard

3rd Luuk van Wantendonk

4th Mark Finlay

Team Pursuits 4 laps

Thomas Stannard 2 min 45.09 sec

Carne Groube

Jake van Lienen

Hayden Washington-Smith

James Cuff

Chris Denholm 2 min 29.26 sec

Robert Stannard

Owen Rattcliffe

Michaela Drummond

Libby Arbuckle 2 min 57.96 sec

Emily Shearman

Roger Nicholas

Peter Wenborn

Tegan Roffe 2 min 29.58 sec

Kelsi Eccles

Kate Stewart

Sharon Hollenstein

Cameron Howell 2 min 15.74 sec

Campbell Stewart

George Roberts

Josh Kendall

Matt Elliott 2 min 29.95 sec

James Denholm

Liam Barber

Marcel Hollenstein

Sharon Hollenstein 2 min 27.09 sec

Peter Wenborn

Roger Nicholas

Brent Zimmerman

Josh Chard 2min 09.48 sec

Mark Finlay

Cameron Gibbons

Jaycob Humphreys

Luuk van Wantendonk

Under 15 girls and boys 6 lap handicap race

1st James Cuff

2nd Hayden Washington- Smith

3rd Owen Rattcliffe

4th Jake van Lienen

Under 17 boys 6 lap handicap race

1st George Roberts

2nd Cameron Howell

3rd James Denholm

4th Josh Kendall

Under 17 girls up to Masters Women

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Sharon Hollenstein

3rd Kelsi Eccles

4th Tegan Roffe

under 19 Men up to Masters

1st Jaycob Humphreys

2nd Mark Finlay

3rd Josh Chard

4th Roger Nicolas