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Wed Night Time Trial 18th November

It may as well have been winter and not the latter part of spring. The chilly and very windy conditions were not going to enable any new records over the 12 km course, though some fairly quick times were still recorded. James Denholm rode a notable 16:41 to earn two points for getting his fastest time this series, and the only other riders to get two points for bettering a previous effort were Dineth Rajapaksi and Katherine Stannard. Some others did indeed get two points, but because it was their first Wed Night TT for this series; Megan Gardner, Emma Crum, Nate Levin, Connie O’Brien, Andrew McKenzie, John Sheehan, and Robert Stannard. Robert rode the fastest time of the night, and indeed the series to date, with 15:31. Let’s hope for some warmer temperatures and still conditions for the next few weeks!

Results Here