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We’ve come a long way.

We’ve come a long way.

It’s been a whirl wind last 6 weeks since the restart of our racing calendar for 2020. Starting with individual events to comply with Covid-19, opening up to road races with restricted numbers to where we are now.
From numbers in the 40’s to 60’s to 90’s and now this weekend over 100 entries, the board is extremely humbled with the interest that has been created with the rejuvenated racing in our region.
Bike Manawatu acknowledges the support of all our sponsors and volunteers. The Admin behind the scenes is huge and is appreciated.

Just when we had a false sense of security that the country had kicked Covid into touch we have had new cases come in from overseas and the score card is not so great anymore.
The reasons for bringing this up again is to enforce what MOH and other authorities have said. If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home. With our riding and racing we ask to think of others with hygiene procedures.

Akers Road circuit is our 5th venue in as many events. Multi lap, flat track racing encourages participation and teaches good bunch riding ethics. We are grateful for the assistance of Linton Country school for the use of their grounds and bathroom facilities.
Linton Country School have given permission for Parking behind school, but please drive between the poles directly in front of you from the main gate, keeping on concrete. Please do not drive on the fields as they are too boggy. We have been advised it is possible for a big four wheel drive and horse float to get through – you just need to drive with care.
Please also be aware that there is a lot of parking down on the school side of the Railway lines, by the start finish. Please be careful of the trains, take nothing for granted.
Linton Country School is a small school with a small role. We are going to have a donation box at the registration / timing tag pick up that we will pass onto the principal, please consider our rural community when we are using their facilities.

We are using country roads and must follow NZ traffic rules. There are marshals for direction and they will stop cyclists at intersections when required. An over riding request is “think about how we are seen” by other road users.
We have big groups racing now, and from parking to sign in to racing …there is visually a lot going on. Please keep off the roads at the start area by the school.
Please have a lot of communication in the peloton regarding other traffic or hazards on the road.

We will be splitting B grade into 2 lots. The first lot will go 30 seconds after A grade leaves and this group will be a group that is expected to hit it hard for the entire 5 laps, no sitting in. The second lot will leave 30 seconds later.

The same could happen for C grade. This is as much to do with safety as it is to do with riders having an enjoyable event. Any queries please contact Tim after hours 0274964411

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday, the shortest day with our biggest turn out in years

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