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Summer TT Series 2016

The first TT series for 2016 has just wound up with a BBQ and a generous spread of prizes, spot and merit.

The weather has been superb for this series, and seen both the mens and womens records falling, thanks to light winds and warm temperatures (resulting in lower air density, thanks for that gem, Barry Gilliland).

New record holders are Robert Stannard, with a blistering time of 14:50 for the 12km, and Megan Blatchford, who lowered Ellen Van Loys briefly held womens record from 18:22 to 18:17 just last night. The points series win was shared by Ewan Cousins, Barry Gilliland and Steve Stannard. Other notable achievers during the series included Thomas Stannard who managed to grow 3cm over 8 weeks and Sam Russell who demonstrated a perfect track stand start on the final night, which included setting his watch on the count of “5”.

Thanks to Tom and Catriona Pirie for stepping up to run the series, and to the stalwart parents who turn up to support their kids every week and end up supporting everybody else by taking on the timing, or holding riders, or driving to the turn around to keep the cows company out by the drain. Thanks also to Mike Groube for cheerfully ensuring traffic management is in place each and every week.


Results here