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Rookie to World Champ: The BikeManawatu Track way


Feeling lost in this fast paced track cycling scene? Hopefully this will give riders and supporters a better insight into track racing in the Manawatu, Nationally and Internationally.

Road Bikes on Track

Is a great introduction to cycling, where riders can keep fit and/or bring out their competitive side in a safe, controlled environment.

Caters for: ALL ages, mainly attracting primary to high school aged people.

Equipment requirements: Any sort of bike (BMX, mountain bike or road bike) and a helmet.

Cost: Gold coin donation to contribute to spot prizes at the end of year.

Location: Johnston Park Velodrome, Feilding

When? Runs over the summer months (October to March), on either Sunday afternoons or Monday evenings.

Contact: Greg Bryan-

Keep an eye out for the season programme on the BikeManawau website under ‘Track Cycling’ or the Facebook group ‘BikeManawatu Track nights’ and just rock up to racing.

This is a great introduction to track racing, as you get used to the track, rules, racing and etiquette without having to worry about using the ‘different’ track bike. We encourage riders from this group to come along to one of our track ‘have a go’ days to try out a track bike.

Club Track Racing

Is a good mix of competitive and fun racing in a very social environment. Yet again this has the advantage of being off the road in a controlled environment with the thrill of riding a fixed geared bike with no brakes. We encourage any new riders to come along to our ‘have a go’ day on 3rd October 2016 to give riding a track a try.

Caters for: ALL ages and abilities as the racing is split up into grades. Grades are dependent on the riders, but we run A, B and U15 grades. We will run a masters and womens grades if there are enough numbers (6). Riders ride in their 2016 (new year) licence category.

Equipment Required: Track bike is necessary, but this can be hired from BikeManawatu for a very reasonable price per season (contact the Club secretary for hireage information-, they can be picked up second hand or brought from a bike shop. For safety reasons, clip in pedals (for road/track), shoes and a helmet are required. Click here for safety tips.

Cost: $10.00 before Christmas and $10.00 after ($20.00 for whole season), this must be paid when you sign waver before first ride of the season.

Licencing: Riders planning to race on the track require a BikeManawatu Membership. If you only wish to ride club track events you only require a CyclingNZ RIDE License. If you have aspirations to ride centre (West Coast North Island) Championships and National Championships (plus other open events), you require a CyclingNZ RACE license. Riders ride in their 2016 (new year) license category.

Location: Johnston Park, Feilding

When? Run over the summer months (October to April), on Sunday afternoons leading up to Christmas, and Tuesday evenings at 6pm after Christmas. New riders who are racing with us for their first season must attend one of the two orientation days on 10th and 11th October. Click here to view programme leading up to Christmas.

Numbers: Each rider is assigned a number for the season. They are responsible for bringing this to track racing each week. If they forget their number they are to notify Liam Brown and results from that night will not be counted towards the overall points competition.

Contact: Ian Gray

Keep an eye out on the BikeManawatu website under ‘Track Cycling’ or join the Facebook group ‘BikeManawatu Track Nights’ for programmes, results, bike hire and any notices.

Each meet there is a variety of races run catering for all riders. All the results for the season are recorded with points given to the top 3 place getters in each race. This contributes to the overall points trophy winner for each grade. This is awarded at the Track Prizegiving at the end of the season in April. The points trophy does not always go to the best rider, its often the most consistent that turns up most weeks and gives it their all. There is also other awards including the most improved rider and many spot prizes.

 BikeManawatu Track Championships

Decide the regional champion for their agegroup in the given discipline. These are run in club track racing times and are a good opportunity for riders to see how they are going and to set track records (fastest times set on the Feilding track. 3 stop watches are required for it to count as a record).

Events: 500m Individual Time Trial, Individual pursuit, 200m Flying Time Trial, Scratch races.

Categories: U15 boys & Girls (6.00 max. rollout); U17 boys & Girls (7.00m max. rollout); Senior Men & Women; U19 Men & Women; Masters Men & Women.

Rollout: Is a restriction put on the gearing and is the maximum distance the bike travels with one pedal revolution. Where gear restrictions are in place these must be adhered to throughout the season or the rider will be disqualified.

Points: Points will be awarded in ach event for all grades. 1st=6 points, 2nd=4points, 3rd=3 points, 4th=2 points, 5th=1 point. Every rider receives 2 points for each event they ride. Points to be accumulated over all championship events in each grade and medals will be awarded to the first three in each category.

If you enjoy the competitive side of these Championship and/or do well in them we recommend you ride West Coast North Island Carnivals and Championships.

Website:  All Track Cycling information (including road bikes on track can be found on the BikeManawatu website under ‘Cycling’ then ‘Track Cycling’ on the drop down menu.

Facebook:  Join this Facebook group (Bike Manawatu track Night) to get up to date information.

West Coast North Island

Is the regional group that BikeManawatu comes under. West Coast North Island (WCNI) organises Track Carnivals in the area stretching from Levin to New Plymouth and selects a team to represent the region at the National Track Championships.

The main event is the WCNI Track Championships usually held in the first few months of the new year. This is usually over 2 days of racing where riders race in their age category competing for medals and this is often the final selection for the Track Nationals Team. If you want to attend the track national Championships then it is strongly advised you attend as many WCNI Carnivals as possible to get in good race practice and show the selectors your ability on the Track.

Events: Carnival racing has more of a relexed approach with many different types of events. The Championships are more competitive with events that will be at the national championships, with medals and records up for grabs.

Categories: Carnivals are run in grades most of the time, whilst Championships are run in U15 boys & Girls (6.00 max. rollout); U17 boys & Girls (7.00m max. rollout); Senior Men & Women; U19 Men & Women; Masters Men & Women.

What to wear: BikeManawatu Cycling HAS to be worn at WCNI Track Championships. To purchase contact

Track National Championships

Is the pinnacle event for track cycling in NZ each year. The two events are:

  1. Elite and Under 19 Track National Championships (10-13 February 2016- Cambridge) (
  2. AgeGroup Track and Under 19 Omnium Track National Championships (9-13 March 2016- Invercargill) (

Qualification: Through WCNI Carnivals and Championships

What to wear: WCNI Skin suit or speed suit. Skin suits can be hired at time of selection or speed suits are ordered when there is enough demand.

Accommodation: Often there is team accommodation, and/or you can stay by yourself or with family. The team accommodation is a great environment, where everyone supports each other.

Equipment: Each rider needs to have sorted their own equipment (hired, brought or borrowed) for nationals, including wheels, chain rings sprockets etc.

Track National Championships are often main selection races for NZ development teams. For example, Oceania Championships, Junior Worlds, Masters World Championships.

Oceania Track Championships

Decide on the Oceania Champion providing a great first international experience.

Who can go? NZ will often select a team of under 19 and elite riders to take. Also, WCNI can send a team to represent the centre.

Where and when? They are always one of the first track meets for the season (around October/November) where you race in the license category that you will be in the new year. These Championships alternate between Adelaide and Invercargill. The 2016 Oceania Track Championships will be held in Invercargill 8-11 October 2015.

Cycling NZ Teams and onwards to be continued….

Hopefully this gives you a bit of a better understanding about how Track Cycling works around here for us. Any Questions please email .