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Track Cycling

Track Cycling Overview

Bike Manawatu Track Cycling 

We offer  a good mix of competitive and fun racing in a social and supportive environment, catering for all ages and abilities as our races are split into grades. 

The track season is run over the summer months (October to April at Johnston Park Velodrome in Feilding

For riders new to the sport, we have Track bikes available to hire for the season.

BM Track Membership 2021-2022 Season

BM Track Membership 2021-2022 Season

Welcome to our returning and new Rookie riders for the 2022 Bike Manawatu track season. 

For those new to the sport, the BM Track season offers a good mix of competitive and fun racing in a social and supportive environment.  We cater to ages and abilities as the racing is split into grades based on their previous experience (our younger Junior riders are split into their A and B categories).

The track season is run over the summer months (October to April) at Johnston Park Velodrome in Feilding every Sunday afternoon and a few Thursday’s sessions in between. 

Each week’s racing will be different with a racing timetable released a few days prior.  On race day, please ensure to bring your helmet, gloves, shoes, and plenty of water.  You will be assigned your own race number at the start of the season, and this must be worn to each meeting or else you will be unable to compete.

For those of you that are interested in hiring a track bike from the BM Track Committee, the cost is $80 plus a refundable bond of $60.  These can be requested when you complete the BM Track Membership form. Full terms and conditions will be given to you at the bike fitting.

There are two forms of licenses available to purchase for cycling:

BM Social Membership 

  • All riders wishing to ride this track season MUST HOLD THIS MEMBERSHIP
  • For those riders only wishing to ride at BM club events. You cannot race at other regions club events, regionally or national events.
  • It does not provide insurance of any kind.    

NZ Cycling Licence

  • This is an additional license you can purchase via Cycling NZ which allows you to compete at BM clubs’ events AND other regional club or national events
  • If you are wish to attempt any records you will require a NZ Cycling Licence
  • When filling out the NZ Cycling License form, select Ride Club, Ride Youth or Race options depending on your requirements
  • All Cycling NZ Membership comes with their own endorsed discount programme and insurance. 

Entries for BM Track Season

All riders planning to race on the track or road will need to fill out a 2021-2022 Track Entry Form and purchase a Bike Manawatu Social Membership License.  Click here to complete these forms

2021-2020 BM Track Meeting Calendar   

Johnston Park Velodrome

Johnston Park Velodrome Map

Track Bike Hire

Bike Manawatu Track bike hire form cais now available online.

BikeManawatu has limited track bikes available to hire for the track season.
If you are interested in hiring a bike. 
We have 2 dates organised for bikes hire and fits: Wednesday, 13th October 2021 & Saturday, 16th October 2021
Alternatively please call or text Ian Gray on 021 120 5751, and book a time to meet him at the Johnston Park, Feilding Club rooms off Drake Street .

At this time you will:

Be provided with a track bike
Be correctly fitted and geared to this bike
And Ian may have you fill in and sign a waiver form – if you have not already done so on our online season registration form.

You will then be invoiced via Xero.

Cost to hire a bike for the season will be $80 to hire + $60.00 bond  for all of our bikes.
Plus your invoice may also include your season fee too.

Conditions of Hire: Please Read

1. The bike is to be insured for theft and fire under your household contents insurance.
2. The bike must not be ridden on the road and the frame and all gear must be kept in good order.
3. The bike must not be painted and NO stickers are permitted to be placed on it.
4. The hirer is responsible for the repair or replacement of parts on the track bike should it be involved in an accident.
5. The hirer of the bike is responsible for the replacement of tubular tyres that puncture or blow out. These tyres must be
replaced with a tyre of similar quality so as the bike can be used on the track in a safe manner. The same applies to those
bikes that have a clincher tyre and tube.
6. The club has the right to revoke the contract if the conditions of hire are not adhered to.
7. As a hirer of a club asset you will be asked to support the club by making yourself or someone on your behalf to help with
the running of the track programme. Full training will be given for any role given
8. *50% of your bond will be forfeited if the cycle is not returned by the end of April 2022.

Johnson Park Track Records

Thanks to Grant Haggett, Kate Stewart, Darren Humphreys, Roger Nicholas, and Ian Gray for keeping records since 2000.

Please click here to view the current records

BikeManawatu Track 2021-2022 Season Newsletter #1

Welcome Back.

We’re back! Firstly we must say a huge congratulations to all of our club members as there have been so many fantastic personal achievements during the off season. Whether this has been achieving a personal best at the local time trial, competing in regional road cycling, triathlons, mountain biking, national track events or even just surviving the Covid -19 lockdown with your family. We just wanted to say we are proud of all of you!

As we look towards the opening day of the 2021-2022 Bike Manawatu track season, we have a lot of information and positive changes to share with you. Firstly, we warmly welcome all the new members that have been produced from our ‘Have a go’ days. We have been very impressed with the level of skill from all new riders who attended our orientation days. We pay special thanks Ian Gray for working so hard over the past few weeks completing the hired bike fits.

Please take note of the updated calendar which will take us through until Christmas.


Registrations are online this year and can be found on our Facebook page. Invoices for the season will be sent out via Bike Manawatu and are payable by the end of November as indicated on your invoice.

Please complete your online registration as soon as possible.


Thank you to those of you who have completed the track orientation.  We were very impressed with the riding standard of new members.

We have some house-keeping and key safety messages for our track family. Please read to your kids if they are not on Facebook.

  • No crossing the track while riders are on the track unless an official has said ok
  • Slow warm ups and warm down must be above the blue line
  • Hold your line for at least 50m after the sprint finish (until you have passed the cone)
  • We will have a restricted number of riders warming up on the track at once. This number will be based on experience and be decided at the discretion of the officials
  • Please make yourself familiar with the various safety signs around the track. These are paramount to keeping you and your fellow riders safe
  • No headphones, watches, or bracelets or anything that is loose is to be worn on the track
  • Gloves, sunglasses are strongly encouraged across all grades and is a requirement for all riders in the junior rider A and B grades

We love the family atmosphere at track. Any family and friends are welcome to come and support our riders. This year we will be enforcing no parking beyond the rugby grandstand on club afternoons. Many riders have younger siblings and we want to keep this area free from cars to offer them a safe space to play and ride their scooters or bikes etc. If they choose to bring a ball, we ask they only play with it on the top rugby field in front of the club rooms and not beyond. ABSOLUTELY NO sports balls, frisbees etc. in the track grandstand or grass area around track. They will be asked to put it away if seen in these areas as we would hate a stray ball to cause any issues. Supervision of siblings is up to their parents.

Toilet facilities are available up in the club rooms or under the grandstand (usually we keep this door locked so please just ask for the key from the gate marshal on the day).


Club results will be posted on our “Bike Manawatu Track” Facebook page and to the BikeManawatu website within two days.


We will endeavour to post most programmes on our Bike Manawatu facebook page the day before our planned track sessions.


Our club has decided to try something different this year to foster a stronger competition at club level.      We are running A, B, C, D and Junior A & B Grades.  This bright new vision gives us a new format of racing for the 2021 / 22 Track Season

  1. The grades will be A, B, C and D Grades. There may be a separate Women’s Masters Grade, if there are
    sufficient numbers riding.
  2. There will be U13s and U15s grades – These may be split into Junior A and Junior B according to ability.

If you are racing in a grade with riders of similar ability and riders slightly better than you, this is an excellent way to improve your riding.

TIP – Racing or training with riders slightly better than you is one of the best ways to improve. This applies to both Road & Track Cycling.

The big question is how does this affect season points according to your age category?

The Track Committee have decided there will be not be any points allocated for seasonal point trophies for graded racing:

  1.   To compensate for that decision, we will be running races occasionally, for all specific age groups,
    throughout the season for track points
  2.   There will also be some new exciting individual timed events to which points will be allocated in each
    specific age group

e.g. An omnium event over 3 meetings, in which a standing 1 lap time trial (TT), flying ½ lap TT and a
standing 2 Lap TT will be run. These events will have a greater allocation of points e.g. 1st – 8 points and all
other rider’s points determined as a percentage of eight points. The big bonus is that every rider in each
event will get points! This will make the competition move exciting.

  1.   The Club Championships, run for each age group, will be added to the season’s points.  This will not affect
    the Club Championship where the Championship Points won will determine the Medal Winners.


As the track season crosses over the license years 2021 & 2022, riders will race in their age group based on their age as at December 2022. For example, if your child turns 15 in 2022, they will need to start the track season as an U17 rider for all age group racing.

There is only one exception to that rule: Any rider may attempt a track record before the end of December under their current age group. Using the above example, the child could attempt a record as an U15 until the end of December 2021 of the track season.


All riders must use the allocated Bike Manawatu number for the track season. These will be handed out at the opening day for those who have not yet been issued one.  These are to be worn on your left-hand side.

If you forget your number, see the Race Manager before the track meeting starts and they will direct you to the right person to organise a replacement number for that meeting. This number must be returned at the conclusion of the track meet.

If you end up on the start line with no number, it will mean you will get no placing in the race, no points or prize money (if it is applicable to the race).  If it happens a second time the rider will be asked to carry out a small duty for the club.

Tip: Do not use rusty pins; they will put holes in your top.


All riders will race according to Cycling New Zealand rules which set the gear limits for specific age groups.  This is of particular important for the U15 and U17 age groups.

For U15s the maximum roll out allowed is 6.61m. This can be achieved using a 47 tooth chain wheel (CW) and a 15 tooth (T) back sprocket or a 50 CW and a 16T sprocket.

For U17s the maximum rollout is 7.00m. This can be achieved using 50CW x 15T sprocket.

Some wise words of wisdom:

  • You should not use a gear too big, rather a gear where you can develop good cadence (leg speed)
  • Experienced senior men riders should ride 49 x 15 (88in gear) or 50 x 15 (90in gear) as a maximum. This should be reduced by 2 points for women riders.
  • The elite U17 boys riders can ride 48 x 15 (86in gear) only in good track conditions, with no wind ride a 49 x 15 88 gear.  It is very interesting to note that before the U17 gear limit was raised by Cycling New Zealand to 7.00m in 2014, the U17 Feilding Track Record for 2000m individual pursuit was held by Campbell Stewart with a time of 2m 27.9s and was ridden when the maximum gear for U17 was 6.61m (84in).
  • In windy conditions, it is advisable to drop your gear 2-3 points e.g. 88 to 86in gear for U17 riders or 84-81 for U15s.
  • As in the past, new riders will be advised on the gearing they should use and new riders hiring bikes will set up on a gearing which is thought to be suitable for the rider’s ability. This has been a major factor of the great success of Feilding riders, who have achieved to a high level at West Coast North Island (WCNI) and NZ Track Champs.


Any rider wishing to attempt a track record must advise the Bike Manawatu Track Committee two days prior to a club meeting, and state their age group and the event they are wishing to attempt a record for.  This can be done via the Facebook page, email or text.  If, on the day of the meeting, the weather is unfavourable, the rider is able to cancel their record attempt.  Record attempts will be limited, so the order of application will determine those accepted.


A ‘Rookie Track Rider’, is a track cyclist who is racing on the track for their first season.

Follow the below tips to come across as less of a ‘Rookie’:

  • Get your position on your track bike checked out on the track. A track position is different to your road bike. We have good coaches with lots of experience to help you set your bike up
  • Most track cycling is explosive, short distances so you need to be well warmed up. Arrive at least half an hour prior to the start of the meeting to get well warmed up. If cold, bring plenty of warm clothes to wear during the downtime between races
  • Wear gloves and a singlet under your racing top
  • When having your bike fittings, bring your cycling shoes, pedals and measure your seat height and know your crank length on your road bike
  • Pulling your feet out of your clipless pedals is extremely dangerous on the track as you put optimum pressure on the pedals. It is very strongly recommended that you get Velcro straps fitted. We will do this for you at minimal cost
  • Make sure your tyres are pumped near to the maximum recommended pressure for the tyres specification. Don’t roll soft tyres as your bike rolls much easier at correct pressure. Check this before each meeting or training session
  • All rookie riders must attend one of the orientation sessions before they can race on the track
  • It is recommended you purchase “Beginners Guide to Road and Track Cycling” written by Ian Gray and Jonathan Kennett. It has a lot of essential information for ‘rookie’ track riders and is available at half price for new track riders (normal price $20).


We are a sub committee from BikeManawatu in charge of running the track programme. Our present committee consists of:

Ian Gray: Track Coordinator
Edward Craw: Board Representative
Committee members: Cheryl Murphy, Kelly Newton, Craig Woollett

We are looking to add a rider or another parent representative to our committee. If this sounds like you, please speak to anyone on the committee about what this role would involve.


Firstly, thank you in advance to those who have already indicted they are available to help this season during our track meets.  We have a variety of weekly roles that ensures the events run smoothly:

Sweeping the track, setting up cones and signs, race starter, gate marshal, holders, first aiders, time keepers, record keeper just to name a few.

As we are a close-knit club these roles usually get filled naturally on the day. However, we may look at a roster system for track sweeping with two families each week doing this role once our season is underway. The track needs to be swept and ready thirty minutes before racing  begins as this allows for people to warm up on the track. This job can sometimes take twenty minutes depending on how windy it has been over the week and how much debris is on the track.


Carnival is currently scheduled for 5th December however this date is TBC. Carnival will be open to all CNZ registered riders. More information will come out closer to the time. In the meantime please save the date 05.12.2021. 11am-4pm


We are fortunate that many of our club members and parents are qualified first aiders.

We have two fully stocked first aid kits. One is attached to the wall between the toilets up in the clubrooms and the other can be found on the hook to the left at the bottom of the steps heading down towards the track on club days.

These are there to be used. If you do use something from the kit please just private message Bike Manawatu on Facebook so we can re-stock the kit.

In the event of an incident the most important thing to remember before we all try to help is to watch for other riders who are still on the track remember they don’t have brakes!

We look forward to a successful season with you all. Our next newsletter will come out just before Christmas with the programme for the New Year to be included there.

Bike Manawatu Track committee.


Bike Manawatu's approach to Covid-19

Bike Manawatu’s approach back to cycling under Delta Alert Level 2 guidelines

The Delta variant has spread rapidly worldwide and is now the main variant in many countries, including NZ. It is the most transmissible variant, spreading a lot easier than the original version of the COVID-19 virus and other variants and requires additional consideration.

IMPORTANT Information to all riders, volunteers and race officials involved in our Bike Manawatu Event.
Under Delta Level 2 the event is able to go ahead but there will be conditions.

  • Sport and Recreation activities are limited to groups of 100 in a defined space in an outdoor space.
  • Please stay home if you are sick
  • A QR code will be available for all riders, volunteers and spectators
  • Social distancing is to be maintained for everyone during the event, but riders are not subject to it during the active competition part of their race.
  • Masks should be worn by everyone at all times, except during the active competition
  • Hand hygiene,please use sanitizer available if touching surfaces
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette. Please be considerate of others and no spitting, coughing or clearing your nose in the bunch
  • No cash payments will be accepted
  • No late registrations on the day will be accepted
  • Avoid touching surfaces & avoid sharing equipment
  • No congregating pre or post event, please vacate the area in a timely manner
  • No prize giving to take place under level 2 guidelines

Bike Manawatu Event Information

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