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Event Information

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A unique event in the cycling calendar where teams of up to 4 or individuals cycle as many times as possible around the Manfeild Track, Feilding in the given 6 hour period. 

Each team sets their own ride strategy – only one person from each team is allowed on the track at a time. 
Timing transponder is passed from one team member to the next like a baton in a running relay.

Do it solo or get in a team and take turns out on the track.

Our event recognizes the impact that COVID-19 has had on the country and in this case, the events industry.

While the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and transmission in the community is currently low, the event
acknowledges that COVID-19 is still uncontrolled overseas and as such we should not be complacent
given COVID-19 can still spread quickly if it re-emerges.
Please do not attend our event if you are unwell

Event Schedule

The registration desk will be open for transponder collection from 7.30am
The event will commence with a warm up on the track commencing at 8 am.
Transponders will be checked at 8:30. The ride briefing will commence at 8:45 am.
The ride will commence with a neutralised lap at 9 am sharp.
The last lap will be called at approximately 2.55 pm. Prize giving will commence at 3:30 pm.


Access to the venue will be via South Street entrance, 59 South Street Feilding. 
You will find our venue map here 
Parking is in the Stadium carpark D6- Click Here for a different view of the Manfeild Map


The event is open to roadworthy bikes only. NO aero bars permitted.

Tandem bikes can enter either in the individual event or as part of a team. If entering as part of a team although it is one bike it is counted as 2 riders.

Mountain bikes permitted (slicks suggested).


Catering on site will be available from Gala Caterers. They will be providing coffee and a selection of food items. You are also able to bring your own food. 


The equivalent of 4 large covered garage facilities are available for your team hospitality area. This area is available for teams on a first in first served basis however do respect others who require space.


All safety and security measures in place must be adhered to. Please comply with all Safety Marshal Instructions. Marshal’s decisions are final.

Pit Area

The pit area is for pedestrians and transition zone. The pit area is not a warm up area. (if you need to warm up then bring a wind-trainer).


Prizes and or Trophies or Certificates will be awarded for each category. Other spot prizes and merit prizes will also be drawn. 


An approved cycling helmet must be worn at all times while riding in the event. Only roadworthy bikes will be permitted onto the course. Age restriction for riders will apply this year. Only riders from Yr 7 and above will be allowed to participate. 


All teams must be comprised of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members. There will only be one (1) member from each participating team on the track at any one time. All riders must participate. School teams consist of students only from year 7 to year 13. 
*Schools Grades – Riders may ride up a grade if they wish.
**Schools Grades – Where there is not a mixed category available, female riders may ride with boys within the male category however no boys to race among the female schools categories.


Solo Riders will be provided with an ankle Transponder.
Teams will be provided 1 ankle Transponder per team and will be swapped between riders in the Transition Area like a relay.

Only marshals, team managers / club volunteers with a High Vis Vest will be allowed to help with transition (can be supplied by organisers) to help riders 
This MUST be worn on the left ankle with the tag facing ou
If your transponder is worn on the wrong ankle or is not facing out your lap / time will fail to read as you go past the Start / Finish line to read your lap times 

The transition area will be clearly coned off to make the area safe for riders coming in and out of the transition zone area.


As every rider will be issued a transponder our professional timer (Supervision Sports) will be able to record each riders lap times.

The transponders are very expensive items and you will be accountable in the event of loss or damage

***On the day we will aim to post a live results link to our Facebook page for you all to be able to see how you are doing nice and easy from your device. ***

Please ensure ALL transponders are returned to the race office at the completion of the event, there will also be a box for any unwanted transponder holders to be put into also.

We thank all of our Bike Manawatu sponsors and volunteers for their support.

Safety, safety, safety, it is priority to complete this event without injury, please be careful.
Have a safe and enjoyable day!

We look forward to seeing you there

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