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Website Plans

Website Plans

I’m working on the 3rd incarnation of

An updated website is overdue, both to help us keep focussed on the information our members need, but also to keep the site updated with all the latest security patches and technology enhancements.

New BM Site

My goals are:

  • A cleaner design
  • Better organisation so you can find what you need
  • A better calendar
  • Meeting our sponsorship obligations
  • Keeping a historic record on the clubs activities, migrating all the old articles over sucessfully.

The site will be live before the end of the month.

New BikeManawatu Website Up

Hi All

I have transitioned to the new layout for BikeManawatu.

While it’s mostly all working there are a few “teething troubles”, which I’ll sort out over the next little while.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback.

Why did we change?  Well the version of the tools the website is built on (Joomla) had become quite out of date and was no longer supported for security patches.  So a complete refresh was the best approach to keeping current and secure.

There was an unexpected disruption to the site during the swap over, but InspireNet have fixed that and all is go.

The content should be identical to the old site, although the Club Ride Calendar was tricky to migrate and there may be some old events that have now disappeared.

Comments and feedback welcome to


Major update to the club website planned…

New BikeManawatuOur club website first launched over three years ago.

I decided it was time for some re-design…

This re-build of the website brings the engine of the site (Joomla) up to the latest version.  This means better functionality and security.
Overall the new site is:

  • Cleaner design
  • More secure from hackers
  • Has better support for phones and tablets (small screens)
  • Better support for video & YouTube

If you are interested in a sneak peek have a look here

I hope the site will be live in about a week.

All feedback welcome –