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Communique no 1 for Club Road Nationals

This is important information for all riders going to club road nationals. The team manager is Steve Stannard . 

Communique 1   

Welcome to the 2015 Club Road National Championships. On behalf of all officials and riders, I would like to thank Stephen Cox and his team from Dynamo Events for the months of hard work they have put in to enable this event to be held.   

The Commissaire team is appointed by the Cycling New Zealand Road & Track Technical Panel. Our role is to ensure that the UCI and Cycling New Zealand racing rules are respected and that every competitor has a fair and equal chance to deliver their best performance on the day.   



Churchyard Physiotherapy La Femme fun ride 2015

Churchyard Physiotherapy La Femme fun ride 2015

We are pleased to announce that the ‘Churchyard Physiotherapy La Femme fun ride’ will take place on Sunday March 1st, this year joining together with the community to raise money for the Palmerston North Cancer Society.
The Routes have been altered to meet everyone’s needs, including ‘The Cancer Society 20k family fun ride’, taking in the beautiful scenic riverbank track,  44 and  60 km routes out in the gorgeous Manawatu countryside and we have included a three person accumulator this year to make the experience a lot more enjoyable and very achievable for anyone!
This year we are beginning in the Centennial Lagoon area, and returning there for a light brunch and entertainment after the event.
Registrations will be available early next week at the BikeManawatu website.
Any further information required please contact Christine or Iona

41st Novice Tour Race Organisers Report 2014


Well, what a fantastic weekend of racing.  And what a marvellous event that Bike Manawatu is able to put on.  Everyone who was involved should be extremely proud of what we achieved.  Here are a few statistics to try and put it into perspective:



·                154 entries

·                Seven grades, each grade racing four stages over two days

·                In total, between all 150 of them (4 non-starters), they cycled over 18,000km, even allowing for a few riders who pulled out.

·                To give you an idea of the quality of the riding, for the 15km Time Trial along the Pohangina Valley Road, the slowest average speed for an U13 rider was a leisurely 22 km/h and the fastest, for the U19 Men’s winner, was a rather more sprightly 47km/h.

·                We had one crash (during the Linton Circuit Race) and everyone walked away from that.

·                Entry fees received were $3,555 and, most importantly from the rider’s perspective, prize money paid out, $3,100.



As you might expect, marshalling, controlling and organizing the above involved a considerable effort.

·                We had over 70 volunteers helping out with a total of 170 different tasks at some time over the weekend.  Some were there for every stage and some just for one.

·                For each road stage we needed 28 vehicles, made up of lead car, Commissaires car, spares van and sag wagon for each grade.  This meant 28 drivers, 7 Commissaires, and 16 mechanics circling the course.

·                We had marshall’s standing on almost every corner and King of the Mountain and Sprint judges scattered at various places around the course.

·                Traffic management was provided by Horizons Signs and paid for by a grant from Pub Charity, as was on site standby of a St John ambulance for every stage.

·                Back at “base camp” we had people who prepared and distributed lunch packs for those out on the road, and put on a smashing afternoon tea during the final prizegiving.

·                We had Matt Levin and Chris Croton, “the timing guys” who spent many hours poring over spreadsheets and manipulating databases to ensure that the results were delivered on time and (mostly!) correct.

·                Our facebook page was kept constantly updated with the latest news and information.

·                Other club members, friends of club members and neighbours of club members lent us everything from generators to caravans,

·                Not to neglect mention of the dedicated committee who made the whole thing happen.

Those volunteering included parents of current and past riders, club members, club members parents, and all of the Bike Manawatu Board members. Thanks again to one and all.



For our wonderful sponsors, we couldn’t put on such an event without you;

·         Hotel Coachman, our naming rights sponsor, had over 30 riders and their families staying during the tour.

·         Our Tinelli yellow leaders jerseys, green sprinters jerseys and polka dot King/Queen of the Mountains jerseys were on the road for 620km.

·         We had four Stage sponsors;

·                 RD1, Stage 1 Hiwinui Loop

·                 Central Bicycle Studios, Stage 2 Linton Criterium,

·                 Cash Converters, Stage 3 Individual Time Trial, and

·                 Hughes Joinery, Stage 4 Valley Road Circuit.

·         Café Cuba sponsored the King of the Mountain prizes,

·         Tinelli, the Sprint prizes, and

·         thanks to Humphries Construction we were able to introduce a new prize in the Under 17 and Under 19 grades for Most Aggressive Rider.

·         Wyckliffe Printing prepared the podium backdrop that you see in all of our jersey presentation photographs.

·         Finally, Maskill Contracting provided a curtain sided truck that gave elevation and shelter to the finish judges and was most appreciated.


And finally, the reason we do it, to support and encourage our local youngsters.  Congratulations to all of them.  Here is a list of Bike Manawatu competitors;


Under 13 Girls and Boys                                                    Under 15 Boys

                Kyra Craine                                                                        Ethan Craine

                Zoe Croton                                                                        Madi Hartley-Brown

                Jamie Dennis                                                                    Dineth Rajapakse

                Adam Francis                                                                   

                James Gardner                                                      Under 15 Girls

                Fergus Lloyd                                                                     Samara Fenn

                Rosie O’Brien                                                                   Kelly Levin

                Michael Richmond                                                         Connie O’Brien

                                                                                                              Peita Ransom

                                                                                                              Anna Robson


Under 17 Boys                                                                       Under 17 Girls

                Fergus Allan                                                                      Libby Arbuckle

                Chris Denholm                                                                 Megan Gardner

                Mitchell Kinghorn                                                           Emily Shearman

                Andrew McKenzie                                                                     

                Jacob Sievwright                                                                         

                Cody Simpson                                                                              

                Dylan Simpson                                                                             

                Thomas Stannard                                                                       


Under 19 Men                                                                                 Under 19 Women

                James Denholm                                                                           Michaela Drummond

                Nate Levin                                                                                      Elizabeth Stannard

                Carlos Lopez-Lozano

                Robert Stannard

                Hayden Washington-Smith

                Alex West

                Joel Yates


Thanks once more to all those who helped out in one way or another, to the Bike Manawatu Board for their suport, both in the lead up and on the day and to my fellow Committee members, in no particular order, Brendan Hapeta, Mike Simpson, Glenys Talyor, Kim Anderson and our legendary Race Director, Peter McCarthy, who made the Novice Tour Committee the best Committee in the Universe (it’s official!!).


Katherine Stannard


MONDAY 15th December starting at 6pm at Marist Clubrooms on Pascal St.

The cups have all been sent to the engravers except for  a few that are still to be contested for this weekend ( Hill Climb Champs )

We will start the evening with a BBQ and ask that to ensure that we have enough food for everyone that you email and let us know how many people will be attending.

There will be a small cost involved.

Hope to see you all there.

Wednesday time trials week 5 results

I hadn’t forgotten about these but they were further down my list of priorities this week.

Tonight we will hopefully have a group of New Zealands best young cyclists joining us at the time trials. These under 17 riders are part of the Bike NZ junior development squad that are attending a training camp at Massey university.

Click here for results