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WCNI Skinsuit orders

Our club falls within the WCNI banner and at certain events (eg. track nationals) our riders are required to wear a WCNI skinsuit. Kim Andersen is doing a great job collecting orders. Here is a message from Kim:


I am starting the ball rolling, or should I say continuing the good work that Rachael and Denay did on sourcing the WCNI skinsuits.

I have the;

· Proof of skinsuit design
· Pricelist for various options (Click here)

My thoughts were that it would be great to get the ball rolling early on this, this year.

So please have a think about whether or not you are looking for a new skinsuit for the upcoming track season! Also please remember we do still have stock of the previous style of skinsuit (ie before Champion Systems) these are $145.00 to purchase and the sizes are small and extra small.

I am happy to collate the orders for Champion Systems. Individuals can email me directly –, or PM me, with the desired skinsuit option and size.

I will require a 50% deposit to place the order with the balance to be paid on pickup.

Cut off for orders and deposit to be paid – 23 June 2015.

This enables me to place the order during this week, then we will have the garments by mid-August.

Thanks everyone, spread the word!!

Kim Andersen

BikeManawatu Shines on the Track

BikeManawatu Shines on the Track

The BikeManawatu and WCNI track programmes have developed some great track riders over the years and 2015 is no exception.

At the U19 and Elite track cycling championships in Cambridge our riders really stood out, bringing home many team and individual medals to the Mighty Manawatu.

Outstanding performances at these Championships and throughout the season resulted in three of our BikeManawatu riders being selected in U19 national track teams. Michaela Drummound and Campbell Stewart were selected in a small team of seven to compete at the Junior Track Cycling World Championships in Astana, Kazakhastan. Michaela, who won the national Scratch race title not long ago will be apart of the four strong Under 19 women endurance team alongside Bryony Botha, Madeline Park and Holly White. This womens endurance team will be competing in the Team Pursuit and individual bunch races whilst Campbell will be the only male competior in the team and will compete in the Under 19 Men omnium, which consists of six events over 2 days. The team is completed by Olivia Podmore (Cantabury) and Emma Cumming who both dominated at the recent nationals and will contest the Womens sprint events at worlds. 


‘Have a go Sunday’

‘Have a go Sunday’

BikeManawatu will be supporting Sport Manawatu and Makino Rotary Sunday 22nd February at their have a go day.

We will be promoting our Track and Road bikes on track programmes at Victoria Park in Feilding 10am-3pm. The aim will be to introduce new people to the club and sport of cycling.

We will have a poster up with information about BikeManawatu’s track cycling programme and a few track bikes that people can ‘have a go’ on around Victoria Park.

If you are interested in helping Kate Stewart run the BikeManawatu stand on this day please email, all help is much appreciated. 


Draft School Calendar term 2 2014

8.30 Registration for a 9am start unless the event details state otherwise

Week 1 May 11 Manfeild 6 hour challenge Feilding
Week 2 May 18 Road Race Colyton
Week 3 May 25 Individual Time trial Kairanga
Week 4 June 1 Queens Birthday  
Week 5 June 8 Team Time trial (roll out) Kairanga
Week 6 June 15 Manawatu School champs Ashhurst
Week 7 June 22 TTT Rongotea
Week 8 June 29 TTT Ashhurst
Week 9 July North Is School Champs Cambridge

School Cycling Skills Session

The first session for the 2014 year was held at PNINS school playground. The kids all had their bikes and helmets checked and several seats were adjusted. The riding part of the session started with the kids riding around the netball courts in 2 big circles. They were instructed on overlapping wheels and correct following distances and what to look at when following behind another cyclist. Although most were competent around corners they were reminded about pedal positioning when cornering.

They were then taken on to the nearby mown field that was a bit softer to land on if someone happened to fall off for the next few drills.

A demonstration on braking was given by Cody Simpson. Firstly just applying the back brakes, then only the front brakes and finally both brakes. Feathering the brakes was explained before all of the riders were given chances to apply what they had been shown including controlling the bike if it skidded and keeping the bike straight when braking.

The final challenge for the morning involved riding through a decreasing distance set of cones. The challenge was to not hit a single cone and race back to the finish line in the shortest time. This proved to be a challenge for a lot of riders but the eventual winners ( a boy and a girl ) will each receive their prizes next week.

Next weeks skills session will be held at Massey University at the entrance to the Athletics track at 8am until 10 am.

Bunch Riding

Riding in a bunch can be the most enjoyable experience if done in the right way. However, bunch riding can also be a huge pain if people in the group don’t understand the rules. Everyone needs to know these rules for everyone’s safety.

Be predictable with all actions

Avoid sudden braking and changes of direction. Try to maintain a steady straight line. Remember that there are riders following closely behind. To slow down, gradually move out into the wind and slot back into position in the bunch. By putting your hands on the hoods on your brakes you can “sit up” and put more of your body in the wind to slow down slightly without using your brakes.

Brake carefully

Ride safely and try to stay off the brakes. If you are inexperienced and too nervous to ride close to the wheel in front of you, stay alone at the back and practice. When the pace eases, don’t brake suddenly, instead ride to the side of the wheel in front and ease the pedaling off, then drop back on the wheel. Practice on the back and soon you will be able to move up the line with a partner.