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School Cycling Skills Session

The first session for the 2014 year was held at PNINS school playground. The kids all had their bikes and helmets checked and several seats were adjusted. The riding part of the session started with the kids riding around the netball courts in 2 big circles. They were instructed on overlapping wheels and correct following distances and what to look at when following behind another cyclist. Although most were competent around corners they were reminded about pedal positioning when cornering.

They were then taken on to the nearby mown field that was a bit softer to land on if someone happened to fall off for the next few drills.

A demonstration on braking was given by Cody Simpson. Firstly just applying the back brakes, then only the front brakes and finally both brakes. Feathering the brakes was explained before all of the riders were given chances to apply what they had been shown including controlling the bike if it skidded and keeping the bike straight when braking.

The final challenge for the morning involved riding through a decreasing distance set of cones. The challenge was to not hit a single cone and race back to the finish line in the shortest time. This proved to be a challenge for a lot of riders but the eventual winners ( a boy and a girl ) will each receive their prizes next week.

Next weeks skills session will be held at Massey University at the entrance to the Athletics track at 8am until 10 am.