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BM Winter Race 1 and the next 2 events

BM Winter Race 1 and the next 2 events

Great turnout for the clubs first race of the winter series with 27 riders braving the elements on a Saturday afternoon only 5 days before the shortest day of the year.
The entering online has made registration seamless and the more races that we do, both as organisers and competitors, the easier it will all become.
Pre-entering enables us to sort start lists for the grades depending on numbers entered. We will always avoid combining grades where we can to make the racing suitable to everyone who participates.
Click HERE for results. 
The aim of the BM Race Committee is wide and varied. Our focus is encompassing riders of all ages and abilities by having graded races held predominately over an hour on flat courses.
That will vary towards spring when we have our championship races and of course the Feilding Festival of Cycling.
Encouragement towards your fellow riders is high on my list of “must haves”. We are a diverse bunch and we have a wide age and experience differential in every grade we run.
Even in Professional cycling there are the work horses and the glory seekers. It’s not only up to you personally as to which category you put yourself in, others will put you in a category based on how they see you ride.
We have to remember why we ride, and why we as BM encourage competition to those who are willing…it’s for the buzz, the excitement, the challenge….not always for the glory.

Looking forward to the WCNI interclub race this Saturday in Halcombe. All details and registrations HERE.
This is a licenced event and one that is held in high regard. Centre racing (WCNI) has an enormous history and a legacy that BM is driven to reinvigorating.

For club races our next flat track is Sunday morning July 14th.
With the schools cycling on holiday for a bit we have use of the Traffic Management trailer for our first Sunday Race of the winter.
With a 9.30am start time we invite the Memorial park crew that are keen to pre-register, ride out and meet at Akers Road at 8.45am, race and then continue onto their longer ride of back to town for a coffee.
All details click HERE. You can register online HERE
This Akers Road race is brought to you by Hughes Joinery, Palmfeilds Motors and Morgan Property Advisors.
Akers - 2019-20 BM Race 2 Akers Road
Stay up-right, stay warm..Ride safe