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Akers Road Course Info

Grades start from Linton County School and are neutralised until reaching the circuit

Course Notes
Starting outside Linton Country School – This is neutral until for 0.63km until you get over the railway lines
The race starts at 0.00 at the corner of Akers Road & Linton Station Road – Ride Straight on Akers Road
0.93km Turn left onto Te Puna Road
3.1km Turn left onto Lochmoigh Road
4.16km Turn Left onto Linton Drain Road
5.71km Turn Right onto Craws Road
6.44km Turn Left onto Linton Station Road
7.35km Completes the circuit

Number of Laps depend on grades – Finish Line will be on Linton Station Road near Akers Road at the timing van

Race direction is anti clockwise
7.35km Circuit
A grade – 6 laps – 44.10 km
B grade – 5 laps – 36.75 km
C grade – 4 laps – 29.40 km
D grade – 3 laps–  22.05 km
E grade – 3 laps–  22.05 km


$5 members / $10 non-members
5.15pm Sign on AT Linton Country School
5.45pm Race briefing – all riders must attend
First grade start 6.00pm
Rear light is compulsory

Traffic management will be in place, but this is to warn other road uses that we are there. There is no stop go provided at any junction – the roads are open and riders must obey NZ road rules at ALL times. Please be courteous to other road users


  • Start & Meet outside in the Linton Country School – 77 Akers Road, Manawatu.
  • Sign on 5.15pm at HQ – (Bike Manawatu Timing Van outside Linton Country School)
  • Race briefing 5.45pm – all riders must attend
  • First grade start 6.00pm
  • Please remember to respect the locals living these roads.
  • Please be considerate.  No spitting or “snot rockets” in the bunch please
  • Please do not attend our event if you are unwell
  • The roads are narrow, please be mindful of motorists.


  • Traffic management will be in place, but this is to warn other road uses that we are there.
  • Roads are open and all normal road rules apply (riders must obey NZ road rules at ALL times)
  • Marshals are provided for direction and in some places to stop cyclists due to traffic
  • Riders must give way at all junctions as required.
  • Please be courteous to other road users

Course Specific Notes

  • Do not cross the center line unless safe to do so.
  • We are on narrow quite roads when often there is no white line. Stay left
  • Riders should not exceed 2 abreast
  • Beware of local farmers and their equipment
  • Please be aware of the train tracks during your neutral ride to the start of the course on Akers Road
  • Be courteous to other road users
  • We RECOMMEND the use of a rear light.

Additional Notes

  • Bathrooms & Parking will be available at Linton Country School
  • Visiting riders please return your bib number at the completion of the race or you may be invoiced for a replacement.
  • Thank you to everyone who entered and registered the contact tracing form for marshals and spectators.
  • Please be courteous to all officials. It’s going to be busy. If someone asks you to move off the road, please do so.  
  • If you or one of your supporters are available to volunteer please let us know – We are always thankful to all of our volunteers who enable us to run these events
    Registrations / Timing / Marshals / STMS / First Aid / Lead & SAG Drivers You can help us out by identifying any volunteer roles on this form
    Thank You
  • **If you have been assigned a volunteer role for this event and you can no longer make it – it is your responsibility to find a replacement



Akers Road with BM Course Info