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Akers Road Race 09.02.2021

We had over 50 riders spread across 5 grades at the 1st race of the Palmfeilds Race Series on Tuesday night at Linton, as well as a number of parents and supporters.
Steve Stannard and Joe Sherman were first and second in A grade by a convincing margin with Dale Nicholls and Riley Tunnicliffe fighting it out for third and fourth.
In B Grade, Mike Thompson seemed to recover from his 3rd place at the New Zealand Masters Games the day before to tie for 1st place with Harrison Craw, while Andy Richardson was the third rider home
C Grade was won by Brendon Wildbore with Pete Thomas and Ellen Twiss second and third
Making it a husband and wife double act, Gabrielle Wildbore was first in D Grade with newcomers Damon Liggons and Marty Davenport in 2nd and third
E grade saw Evie Richardson as the winner, with Holly Richardson a close second and Tomoko Yamaguchi in third place
A big thanks to Mike Craine for providing the timing and Tim Lloyd for the STMS and to our Marshall’s Colin Anderson, Graeme Bull, Roy Hughes, Phil Devlin and Steph Foote / without our volunteers – without you volunteering your time, this event would not have been possible.and thank you also to club sponsor Palmfeild Motors for your continued support of our club and this popular series.
This short, flat racing is very popular among our members, and it’s a whole lot of fun – we had a number of new riders who had a blast and are keen to race the next 2 events in the series.
The next race on the series is Tuesday 16 February and all the details are here
And the 3rd race is 23 February back at Linton with a BBQ and drinks after the race provided by sponsor Palmfeild Motors
If you are on the fence about whether or not to enter, talk to any of the riders that came along – they will tell you how much fun this is and can provide some guidance to what grade you should enter if you’re unsure – we’d love to see you there

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Photo Credit Graeme White Photography

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