WCNI Age Group & Omnium Selection

The WCNI team for the age group and omnium nationals to be held in Invercragill can be found here.

All riders that have not been to a Nationals event to get their NZ licence, UCI number and date of birth to Kim Andersen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">. Also, for riders to advise if any events are wrong.

WCNI Track Nationals Wrap up after day 2

The Team…

Elite Men – Simon Van Velthoven (BM), Liam Brown (BM), James Cuff (BM), Joel Yates (BM), George Roberts (BM), Jordan Castle (BM), Phil Marfell.

Elite Women – Ruby Perry (BM), Michaela Walker.

Under 19 Men – Campbell Stewart (BM), Carne Groube (BM), Cody Simpson (BM), Jakob Lester.

Under 19 Women – Michaela Drummond (BM), Emily Shearman (BM), Libby Arbuckle (BM), Megan Gardner (BM), Simone Davie.

Day 1 – Wednesday 10th February

In the Elite Men’s Individual Pursuit qualifying we had 3 riders. In a classy field, with the Rio Olympics in mind Joel had an incredible ride posting a PB of 4:33 and finishing the qualifying rounds 10th with the top 4 going through.

The Under 19 women’s 500m Time Trial saw Michaela Drummond claim our 1st medal, taking bronze, with Emily Shearman 4th and Libby Arbuckle 8th. From their 1st rides the girls in green and white were already turning heads.

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Track Chit Chat - Jan 11 2016


Congrats to our Bike Manawatu world champs who are on their way to Hong Kong to ride in the World Cup meeting. We all wish them the best at the meeting. Watch the news.
The first track night for the New Year (last Wednesday) was especially notable when track records continued to tumble.
The flying quarter was on the programme as conditions were very good - a warm track and air conditions beginning to cool.
The flying quarter was a very historical event of note in the early years and unto the 1970's of the NZ track cycling. This is because nearly all the tracks built in NZ in that period were 4 laps to the mile (approx 400m) and 1 lap was a quarter mile. Top track cyclist from overseas who visited NZ always attempted to break the NZ flying quarter record.
Zoe Croton (U15) who has shown a steady improvement this season broke Kate Stewart's 5 year old flying quarter record of 32.545 riding 31.825 to establish her first track record.
Libby Arbuckle also lowered Kate Stewart's U19 women record of 29.94 to establish a new time of 29.75sec.
The ride of the night was undoubtedly from James Cuff who is in really hot form and moving very quick. James smashed Jaycob Humphreys 2 year record for senior men of 27.03sec by a phenomenal amount (nearly 2sec) to record the fastest flying quarter ridden on the Feilding track of 25.22 secs. He rode faster than the U19 mens record of 25.26 set in March last year by Liam Brown.
Brent Zimmerman also established a masters 5 flying quarter record of 29.15 secs.
Congrats to all these riders.
Ben Irvine on his first race on his new Hillbrick track bike, won in a draw at the last December meeting, surprised everyone when outsprinted Michael Richmond and Zoe Croton to win the opening U15 race.
Last Sunday in blustery conditions at the Levin Carnival. Carne Groube was outstanding in the senior mens grade while Michael Richmond and Libby Arbuckle dominated these grades.
This week on Saturday 16th at Wanganui the West Coast NI track champs are to be held on the board track starting at 10.00am.
Lets hope we have a fine summers day and we all see some good racing and see our Bike Manawatu trackies winning some Championship titles.

Track Cycling Notices - Feb '16

The second half of the track season is well under way, and what a great season it's been. Many records have fallen, for participation and times. With the Elite & U19 track nationals only 10 days away it is excited to see that these riders are really coming on form and we wish them the best of luck.

A few administrative notes...

Track fees, most of you registered and paid $15 at the start of the season. If you have just joined us for racing in the new year please email me your details (Name, DOB, whether you are a BikeManawatu member or not, email and an emergency contact) and pay $10 directly into the BikeManawatu account (010745028492500 & make sure you include 'Track fees' and 'Your name' as a reference) or give me cash at track.

Membership. To race track you are required to be a BikeManawatu member. If you just race track and our club events you just need to join BikeManawatu. I will have forms at the IP champs on Sunday. If you wish to race anything further, for example WCNI events and nationals (road & track) you wil need a CyclingNZ licence including being a BikeManawatu member and paying WCNI centre fees. There are many options for this, see more on the CyclingNZ website. I will start following up that you have either of these membership forms.

Results & Records are not currently up to date sorry! I will get onto this in the next few weeks, as I know the records have been changing hands lately, and I'm sure they will continue to with all the club champs. Results are avaliable in the 'Event Results and Records' section on the website.

Club Track Championships rules can be found here. Don't forget the 200m flying on Tuesday 2nd Feb and the Individual Pursuit on Sunday 7th February. Please email myself if you are considering riding (not a major if you email me but then don't end up getting there on the day) so that we can have a bit of an idea about numbers so we can put out rough start times.

Manawatu Standard Results. At the start of the season I sent these in every week, but have ran out of time so far this year as they have to be put into 'newspaper format'. I would appreciate a few people to put their hand up to type the results from the google spreadsheet into this format (it's not hard at all). Please email me abiut this if this sounds like you!

Volunteers. Thanks so much to our great team, with quite a few new parents that have really stepped up and are doing a great job!!

Kind regards,

Kate Stewart

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

WCNI Track Events Protocol

With the WCNI Track events well underway for the season and the WCNI Championships just a week away here is a 'friendly reminder' about the protocols/rules for WCNI events. 

Rules will be following under CyclingNZ and UCI regulations.


  • All riders must race on their current years race licence

Race Apparel 

  • Riders must wear their approved club jerseys/skinsuits in all WCNI events. Shorts must also be club approved, or a plain colour with little signage. With the exception that short/skinsuit may carry sponsorship that is detailed on their CyclingNZ licence.
  • No Trade Team jerseys are permitted.

Medal Presentation 

  • All riders shall, in accordance with their placing, participate in medal ceremonies.
  • No sunglasses, caps etc. are to be worn on the podium
  • Riders must wear kit as outlined above in 'Race Apparel'.
  • Cycling shoes or training shoes must be worn (no jandals)
  • Medal winners are required to keep their medal around their neck until they have left the podium area
  • Podium riders should shake hands and/or acknowledge other riders on the podium

It is important to get this right as not following these protocols can result in consequences (especially at national championships).


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