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Working Group Meeting Minutes

A summary from last night’s meeting.  Thanks for the initiatives that game from the floor.  They were very much appreciated.

  • Web article following the meeting outlined below which will go on the web.
  • Collectively the group decided to pick some low hanging fruit in terms of delivering a series of presentations.  They include but aren’t limited to:
    • Nov presentation by Jesse Sergent (yet to be confirmed) to the general membership. Mike to confirm Jesse’s availability
    • 14 Nov nutrition presentation by Dr Steve Stannard (subject to the availability of the Marist Club Rooms) to the general membership. Could Glenys check venue availability
    • Core strength and stretching session with Kim Findlay (subject to her availability and the Marist Club Rooms) to the general membership. Oods to coord and liaise
    • A selector presentation by Peter McCarthy to the coaching and managers WG to coincide with next meeting. Oods to coord and liaise
    • Tentative date for next meeting Monday 28 Nov or Monday 5 Dec.  This will be the last meeting for 2011. All to provide feedback as to preference
    • A suggestion by Nick Nelson that we run a session/clinic in mid January to front load potential coaches for 2012 with some rudimentary knowledge (say a half a day, maybe longer?)
    • Ross Castle may deliver another skills course in Jan 12
  • WG to seek funding support through the BM secretary to place a number of potential coaches onto the Bike NZ level 1 course being plotted for the Manawatu in 2012.  Nominations for attendance can be processed through the Board
  • Add Chris Foggin, Adam Curry and Sue Winterburn to the email address list.
  • Once coordinating arrangements firm up, advertise details on the BM web.