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Wednesday Time trials first week results

The weather unfortunately plays a big factor on who gets out and rides in any event. Obviously the hardy soles that knew that they needed to accumulate points from week 1 to be in with a good shot to win prizemoney at the end of the season came out to Kairanga  for the first chance to grab points.

Thanks to Horizons Regional Council for again allowing us to use their yard and to MDC for erecting the signs on the course.

Our helpers for the night were Mike Simpson who will take a leading role in organising this weekly event, Kirsty Kaihau, the regular smiley face at registration, Graeme Ransom, who did a marvellous job of holding the starters and Rob Gardiner who was the turn marshall.

The points table will be produced from next week but all of the below people gained 2 points for their first night. And looking at the times they should all be able to improve on them next week if the weather plays a role in it.

Race number   Surname First name clock time Net time
4     Jackson-Grammar Jake   0:17:37
5     Rainham Ross   0:20:26
9     Rainham Angela   0:24:05
23     Sievwright Jacob   0:20:24
33     Hamilton Jessica   0:20:54
45     Bradley Michael   0:19:30
47     Blatchford-Peck Megan   0:20:04
53     Martin David   0:18:51
55     Martin Andy   0:22:39
56     Stevens Phil   0:26:18
58     Stannard Steve   0:18:22
59     McKenzie Andrew    0:20:47
62     Ransom Peita   0:25:30
63     Stannard Thomas   0:26:29
66     van Lienen Gorgi   0:24:49
71     Nev Weir   0:17:25
72     Roberts George   0:18:34
73     Yamauchi Toshi   0:21:26
74     Hammington Kerry   0:24:23
75     Croton Zoe   0:26:28
79     Richmond Michael   0:27:24
80     Bahler Gabrielle   0:21:47
81     Harrison Porritt   0:22:19
82     Belk Sharon   0:23:26
83     Gardiner Megan   0:24:07
84     Bahler-Cary Zana   0:32:08
85     James Lynne   0:35:31
86     McKenzie Jack   0:23:12
87     Gardiner James   0:32:22
99     Gilliland Barry   0:21:00