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Wednesday time trials final week results

If the weather hadn’t been kind for time trials over the series it certainly didn’t disappoint for the final night of the series. Although at the start it looked like the rain was going to stay away by the time the first 10 or so riders had started the first few drops were felt. Preparations were made for the oncoming onslaught of a torrential downpour, but thankfully that never eventuated. Regardless to say electrical equipment doesn’t like getting wet, even less than a piece of paper. At last all of the riders know the importance of placing numbers on shirts so that they are easily readable by someone standing on the side of the road.

Thanks to Kirsty for marshalling on the turn, Lenka for doing the countdown and holding the umbrella, Sean and Keith for helping on the start and finish in the rain.  Thanks also to Max for running errands for me.

All riders when finished went back to Kairanga Hall to eagerly await the results and prizegiving.

Anyone who wasn’t present at prizegiving had their prizemoney returned to the prize pool for next years event.

On a review of the results and once the correction had been made for the one number that was incorrect a difference to the prizemoney was established. This has been advised to the rider concerned. Neil Pollock shared the top of the table with Barry Gilliland.

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