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We’re up and running.

We’re up and running.

With the shift to Level two and working with the Covid requirements of CNZ and NZ Government Bike Manawatu is excited to get racing underway again.
As we are all aware the limitations are groups of ten at this stage, hence the racing programme for May is individual and small team based.
Bike Manawatu acknowledges our Sponsors and Councils in making all these races possible. It is now up to us, as a responsible community based club, to adhere to the requirements that have been set down.
Being accepting, able and willing to exercise social distancing, small groups, personal hygiene will see club racing flourish and continue in these “odd” times.The events are now clear for the next 3 weeks.

Kairanga ITT, Forest Road Hill climb, Rongotea ITT and 2up.

Entries must be done online. We will not accept any late entries on the day.
Payment online, correct change on the day or prepaid card. This stops contact between officials and you.
Your number is yours for all races, the number you have been running up till now will remain for the season.
We will have a new set of Fabric numbers for distribution starting from Sunday for all BM Members, non members will be issued with our standard race numbers. Please look after these and bring them to each race.

Entries will close 9.00am Saturday for all racing the following day. A start list will be emailed out and published on our Facebook and website.
On that communication there will be a written briefing. There will also be a written and staged verbal briefings at the start line.
You simply get to the venue, warm up off the course, pay / sign in, get to the start line 5 minutes before your start time, roll to the start line and start on your time.
This will mean that we can not loiter once you have finished your race, and need to be mindful not to congregate pre-race.

Please do not attend our event if you are unwell – Please help stop the spread of Covid-19

Road racing will commence once Group number limitations are eased from Government and MOH.

Please find the link to all of our races to register on this link here

Let’s go racing

BM team