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WCNI Selectors Guideline Times for National Track Championships


The WCNI Selectors Trevor Gudsell, Jeremy Cottam and Luke McCarthy will be looking to select athletes and combinations of athletes for the New Zealand Track Cycling Championships being held in Invercargill who are most capable of producing medal winning performances.


The majority of selection weighting for the Track Team will be based on results achieved at the 2012 West Coast North Island Track Championships.



Consideration will also be given to results and times achieved by riders in other approved competitions within the three months leading into the National Track Championships (ie) Carnival Racing, Oceania Games.

Not every event will necessarily have the full compliment of riders selected. Final selection will be dependant on the standards achieved during the season.

The following times are performance guidelines. These are intended to assist parents, coaches and athletes as they train and compete throughout the 2011- 2012 track season.

The West Coast North Island team will be announced at the completion of racing at West Coast North Island track Championships.

Should you require any further information please contact your Club Secretary.

Senior Men:

1000m TT: ` 1:07.5

Sprint:    11.50 secs

Individual Pursuit: 4.55.00

Senior Women

500m TT:     37.5 secs

Sprint:     12.7 secs

Individual Pursuit: 4.00.00

Under 19 Men

1000m TT: 1.09.00

Sprint: 11.75 secs

3000m IP: 3.40.00

Under 19 Women

500m TT 40.5 secs

2000m IP 2.50.00

Sprint 14 secs

Under 17 Boys

500m TT :  37.0 secs

2000m IP:        2.33.00

Sprint: 12.20 secs   

Under 17 Girls

500m TT:        40.0 secs

2000m IP:        2.45.00

Sprint: 13.50 secs  

Under 15 Boys

500m TT:          Up to 3 riders selected

3 lap Derby:       Up to 4 riders selected

8km points:        Up to 3 riders selected

2000m scratch:   Up to 3 riders selected

Under 15 Girls

500m TT :         Up to 3 riders selected

3 lap Derby:       Up to 4 riders selected

5km points:        Up to 3 riders selected

1500m scratch:   Up to 3 riders selected