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Volunteering is a great part of being involved in any sports club – its vital to the running of the club and its events. It gives you a chance to give something back to your club, and you get to see what goes into keeping each race safe.

It is a requirement for all  Club Members who have identified that they want to race to volunteer for a race as a race manager or to assist with marshalling and race management. With out adequate club members support in volunteering at races we may not be able to deliver races for you to participate in.

You can select a race to volunteer for by emailing the  with your name, contact details and the date of the race that you would like to volunteer for. It is club policy that if you do not select a race to volunteer at, one will be allocated to you.

Let us know if you are keen to manage a race when you volunteer. As a race manager you will receive plenty of support and we will provide you with an updated race managers sheet detailing the responsibilities of the role and also a  traffic management plan for your course.

The volunteer does not have to be you, it might be one of your supporters that will be cheering from the roadside at a race anyway.

Select your volunteer date and email to the then hit the road for some training. Looking forward to seeing you all at the races!

Details on each race are on the calendar.