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Valley Rd Plus results

With the weather looking terrible and having rained for the last hour or so off and on things were looking doubtful for the Valley Rd Plus race to held on Saturday.

On arrival at Colyton hall and not a sole in sight things were looking even gloomier. Then one lone cyclist arrived – all the way from Christchurch – they must breed them tough down there. Then another arrived in a van all the way from Wanganui.

How many people do you need to run a race? A minimum of 5 I would say. And considering 4 people had registered (none of them turned up in the end) then as more riders arrived the excitement started to build. The course was described to all present and John Stewart rushed out from Palmerston to marshal at Ashhurst. Matt Levin forever reliable was sent to the turn point at the end of Valley Rd and Colin Huston was sent with photo of what the turn point just before the gravel looked like several moons ago.


All riders were set off together and unfortunately 2 riders suffered punctures.

Alex West

1 hr 04: 54


Cameron Huston

1 hr 07: 03


Katherine Stannard

1 hr 10: 43


Steve Stannard

1 hr 10: 44


Greg Baker

1 hr 13: 38


Hayley Giddens



Luke Mudgeway

1 hr 34 :35


Mark Findlay



Chris Denholm

1 hr 34 :36


Luuk van Wagtendonk

1 hr 34 :40


Neil Martin

1 hr 34 :51


Nate Levin

1 hr 35 :10


Robert Stannard

1 hr 39 :42


Gerard Bell

1 hr 39 :47


Hayden Washington-Smith

1 hr 39 :47


James Denholm

1 hr 44 :27


Josh Kendall