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Update from Tim

Well, we’ve passed the shortest day so at least one thing is
guaranteed….The days are longer.
Although not the coldest or the wettest winter that we’ve ever had it’s
still not for the faint hearted getting motivated to ride on those early
That said, there’s still been plenty of riding going on with recreational
rides and groups out training for the Trust House series, Taupo, and our own
club racing.

It was extremely frustrating that we had to cancel our Akers Road Race in
July. The group were keeping an eye on all forecasts and , even though there
was a window of opportunity
to run the race, the weather came in heavily right at the time the racing
would have been on. Learning from that , when we are able, we will apply for
Traffic Management for an alternative date.

Looking forward to next Saturday 17th August. Flat track, multi lap road
race at Linton Camp. Can’t get a safer environment than an Army Camp.
Registrations and details are on line (Click Here).
Thanks to Rob Ryan and Palmfeild Motors, anyone that hasn’t raced in the
last 12 months (or ever raced at all for that matter) races for free.
This race is a multi lap, time specific race that will  make the loop a busy
place to be. Like the Nurburgring 24 hour race where there will be faster
bunches and individuals racing at maybe 20% faster than the slower grades.
These events are great for riders to push themselves out of the comfort
zone, work together in groups and ride safely. There will be opportunities
for riders to break away and have a crack by themselves, counteracted by the
wise foxes that sit back and decide if it’s worth shutting the break down,
or letting the break go to see if they explode. There’s always a good bit of
banter in the peloton.

To be confirmed ..We are going to try to apply for TMP’s for another crack at
Akers Road race on August 31st, TBC. As mentioned above it was frustrating to
loose that date and we lost the momentum that we had.
It’s a great flat circuit that has it’s hidden challenges but favours the

On  September 14th we are running the Woolworths cup. This is a handicap
race that has been run over in the Pahiatua area for years. There’s a phrase
that gets used a lot…If you do the same thing, you’ll get the same result.
The events working group (sounds more important than it is) and other riders
have been challenged with coming up with new courses for our events. For the
Woolworths cup we required a 40 km circuit, close to a town, that was
challenging enough to ride solo while catering for all members abilities.
With the Feilding Festival in November, and the Trust house series starting
September 22nd we wanted to find a new circuit to get our teeth into. I took
a Mental Health Morning away from work and smacked this one out.(click
here). Bit of a prevailing northerly breeze to contend with but a solid
marker of what the course was like. The Feilding folk should love this one.
We still need to get the Traffic management through so stand by.

Click here for the Linton Camp Course, Woolworths course map and race
registrations will be published once TMP’s are through.

Even with training rides, It’s not about the result…it’s about the effort
you put in.

Stay safe