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Update from Bike NZ

Club Administrators Portal Update

Our providers have run several fixes on known bugs this week that have been affecting club membership reports. These fixes have no implication on financial settlement for which data is received from DPS. We have asked that our providers supply us with up-to-date reports for each club giving accurate membership for the period of Nov 15 – Feb 14. These reports are expected on Friday 15thFebruary, and will be distributed as soon as they are received. Our apologies to all club administrators who have been unduly stressed as a result of the reporting issues.

The portal is currently live in beta and we have been getting valuable feedback from a group of administrators currently accessing it including Bike Manawatu.

Insurance update

A reminder that all 2012 affiliated clubs continue to be affiliated at tier two level until 31 March 2013, by which point affiliation documents will be distributed by BikeNZ for consideration by your club.

A copy of the current BikeNZ Liability insurance package has been attached. Specific details of coverage can be found page 7 of the “BikeNZ Liability Insurance Package” document.

Membership cards

Members who joined in, or  prior to, January, should have now have membership cards. We are aware of some members receiving multiple cards and we are looking into this.

To send the membership cards we require a valid postal address. Please ensure that you and your club members have a valid address in both the “address” and “delivery address” sections on their online profiles.

Club Road National Championships

The course, programme and pricing are pending final approval, which is expected this week. The course will take in some magnificent vistas for riders through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

The proposed programme is available to view on the event page here:

Lakes Leisure are providing great in-kind and infrastructure support. They will hold naming rights for the u15 – 17 junior grades.

We thank you again for your patience during all the technical difficulties – we’re nearly there!