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Upcoming Manawatu Schools Cycling Championship

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When; Sunday 20th August
Where; Ashhurst Rugby Clubrooms ( Lincoln street)
Time: Registration 8am
Entries close; 13 August.
Campbell Stewart promotes the event by video on Manawatuschoolcycling Facebook


Upcoming Feilding Festival of Cycling


When: September 10th
Where; Feilding:
As always, this annual event is a great event to start your spring cycling off after your winter base training. Ride Organiser Austin Smith and his team do a great job and the course is awesome for scenery and to give you a test of where you are at this time of year over a short or longer distance. All ages and abilities can ride this event which makes it a great outing for all cycling people. Get your cycling buddies together and be sure to enter the Feilding Festival of cycling. Online entries will be open soon at and be sure to say yes and register for this great ride event or call into Central Bike Studio on Walding street Palmerston North to register.

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Schools Criterium-Linton Army Camp

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For those wanting to witness the excitement of Criterium racing this Sunday at the Linton army camp our Bike Manawatu schools are putting on graded races A-E and laps are 1.5km
A Grade 20 minutes plus 2 laps
B Grade 20 minutes plus 2 laps
C Grade 15 minutes plus 2 laps
D Grade 10 minutes plus 2 laps
E Grade 10 minutes plus 2 laps

Note: Entering the camp will require need photo ID for security purposes.


Mike Keenan our Bike Manawatu Sunday Rides Coordinator

The club would like to acknowledge the great work Mike Keenan and his team do for all members who have participated in our Sunday recreational rides over many years.This weekly ride has been always been enjoyed by young and mature, new and experienced riders who get the chance to meet and chat while riding and afterwards over coffee.Along with Vaughan Hunt who manages and promotes weekly a variety of Sunday ride courses in this weekly newsletter our members are certainly well catered for.Thank you to all for your participation all weather all year round.


Members to Promote Rider Safety at all Time

As responsible cyclists, we must all constantly remind ourselves to promote rider safety and road code etiquette when riding at all times. Our sport shares the roads with vehicles of all sizes and drivers of all capabilities. Our daily ride groups are the flagship of our sport and are responsible for promoting road codes and standards to keep everyone safe.
All rider groups are encouraged to identify ride leaders amongst yourselves and where possible have identified a safe course to ride. Letting people know where you are heading is also advised and how long you might be. Often road works can disrupt rides and checking out council reports or talking to other fellow riders is a good idea before you set your course.
The fact that most of us learnt to ride a bike as children and then put the bike down when we got our first car at around 15-17 years old means most people have not ridden a bike for years before we decide to join Bike Manawatu and start riding a bike again for health and fitness.To help these people is all of our responsibility.


Supporting our Clubs Valued Sponsors

The AvantiPlus Bike Shop

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AvantiPlus Bike Shop has long been a great supporter of our club and events. Big events like “Gravel and Tar” over the last two years where international teams have raced here in the Manawatu is one example of how supportive Avanti has been. Now under new ownership we encourage members to utilise our valued sponsor when considering a cycling purchase. Call the team at AvantiPlus.

Ashhurst Engineering

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Dave and Jill Hoskins exploded onto the schools cycling scene a few years ago as an enthusiast parents with kids involved in the sport. That enthusiasm has brought the club a valued sponsor across many events which the club appreciates. Dave and Jill are also actively involved as volunteer parents week after week in the busy schools cycling program enjoying being part of our schools cycling success. For anything engineering give Dave and Jill a call.