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Trust House Series Race 3 – 2022

Sunday was Race 3 of the North Island Trusthouse Series. This was undoubtedly the toughest course that we will be riding this series. The race departed from Martinborough and headed towards Tora before turning back at approx 35 kms, and before returning to Martinborough, there were 2 Gravel sections to complete. The course was just under 80kms and as well as the 4kms of gravel, it had 1100 metres of climbing, including two very long climbs.

I can only speak for the CAT4 race, but I imagine that the other races would have played out similarly – the race broke up very early on, and even further on the tough Whiterock Road hill. On the return leg, it was clear that some riders were more comfortable on the gravel sections than others.

In CAT2 Sam Wade riding for WCNI was 5th, Sam Parry riding as an individual was close behind in 6th (Same time, but as Sam Wade crossed the line first he was awarded 5th), and Wiremu Kaihau also from WCNI was 8th. WCNI came second In the teams points. In CAT3 Chris Harris from Bike Manawatu JT coaching finished in 7th place, with the team coming 3rd in the team points.

In CAT4, Patrick Johnstone from the Palmfeild Motots Bike Manawatu team came 3rd, Dan MacKay and Toshi Yamauchi from Storage Manawatu were 5th and 8th, and Darcy Forrester from the Palmfeilds team rounded out the top 10 with 10th place.

In the overall points standings, WCNI are a dominant presence taking 5 of the top 10 spots. Same Wade is 3rd, with Jack Padega, Wiremu Kaihau and Jeremy Rowe in 5th, 6th and 7th, and Josh Mulcahy in 9th place. WCNI are also tied for first place in the team points.

In CAT3 Chris Harris is in 4th place and Zac Hintz in 9th place. Unfortunately Bike Manawatu JT Coaching is outside of the top 3 places in the teams points.

In CAT4 Patrick Johnstone from Palmfeild Motors Bike Manawatu is 3rd equal and Darcy Forrester from the Palmfeilds team is in 6th place. Dan MacKay and Toshi Yamauchi from Storage Manawatu are in 8th and 9th place. In the teams points, the Palmfeild Motors team is second equal.

The next race is Sunday 13 November, and is shaping up to be another exciting series with some friendly rivalry going on within the categories – but that’s what teams racing is all about.