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Trophee de vent et Grimpeur

Translation “trophy of the wind and climber”. Well that is what it will be for this year for the brave and hearty that tackled the course today.

From my vantage point at the finish line I had a lovely view after first clearing branches from the road down across the river to spy on the riders as they returned on the shortened course from Highland Home.



And with my camera on zoom it is amazing what you can see on the other side of the valley , even picking up action on the bridge over the Pohangina River. Look carefully and you will notice the lean on the trees, testament to the fact that the wind was venting.

So rather than a graded race, all riders completed the same distance and a handicap race was run instead.

It is great to have people to come out to help so thanks to Dennis Martin who was turn marshal at Raumai and to Katherine Stannard who was turn marshal at Highland Home.

All riders should know that all of our club races are run according to Bike NZ rules and if these are not complied with or if you need a reminder about what those are they will be included in the race briefing each week until all riders remember them.

Riders taking or accepting outside pace or assistance shall be disqualified by the Commissaires.

“Outside pace” shall be defined as riding behind or on either side of non-competitors or of a moving vehicle in such a way that in the opinion of the Commissaires the rider secures an advantage over other competitors. “

This was a club race and no prizemoney was at stake. But continued behaviour like this will see further action being taken.

The riders concerned know who they are. Please be warned.


  Start time  
Robert Stannard 9 mins 30 1:16:33
Alex West 9 mins 30 1:16:34
Neil Martin 7 mins 30 1:16:53
Hayden Washington-Smith 9 mins 30 1:17:23
Matt Watts 3mins 30 1:17:30
Mitchell Kinghorn 7 mins 30 1:17:39
Peter O’Sullivan 3mins 30 1:17:49
Winston Briggs 7 mins 30 1:20:24
Damien Lardner 7 mins 30 1:20:53
Glenn Kirk 7 mins 30 1:22:13
Dylan Simpson 0 1:24:22
Steve Stannard 0 1:26:29
Thomas Stannard 0 1:26:31
Lizzie Stannard 3mins 30 1:28:35
Toshi Yamauchi 3mins 30 1:29:58
Chris Pinkney 3mins 30 1:30:27
Nigel Doyle 3mins 30 1:34:16
Nate Levin 9 mins 30 DNF