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Traffic Offence – Thanks Feilding Police

Feilding  PoliceOur Wednesday morning group had been repeatedly harassed on Sandon Road by the driver of a dark green Honda Civic.

He would drive past us very closely while sounding his horn. On the 22nd of May he took this one step further, by stopping in front of us to hurl verbal abuse. (It did look like he was going to get out of his car, but thought better of this, since there were 11 cyclists in our group.) He then made to drive off, but slammed on his brakes causing me to ride into the back of his car.

The Feilding Police have been very good and ticketed the driver for “Operating a vehicle in a manner likely to cause annoyance” which carries a $600 fine.

I just thought that if more motorists were ticketed for this offence, when harassing cyclists, it would ultimately (with the resulting publicity) make the roads a safer place for all of us.

Feilding Police