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Track results Tuesday 15th November

15 NovemberA record 50 riders took part in racing on Tuesday night providing further evidence of the growth of cycling in the region. With the number of riders the number of races and the available daylight it was a challenge to complete the programme without the aid of artificial light.

The race of the night also had the largest field made up of under 17 girls and up plus masters men. The handicapper was tested with 17 riders covering a wide range of ages and gearing, the field was disbursed around the track for the 8 lap handicap race. The race had a talented hard working scratch bunch made up of Megan Blatchford, Marcel Hollenstein and Brent Zimmerman. The limit markers had a lap and 60 metre start, so it was always going to be a true test. The scratchies made short work of the 60 metres but the next 400 metres was to take a little longer. While the spectators were enthralled watching the scratchies eat into the limit markers lead they could be forgiven for not noticing Kelsi Eccles and John Clarke working well together to keep an even and competitive pace. With two laps to go the scratch bunch had collected some heplers and caught the limit riders but they had not caught Kelsi and John. At the last turn Kelsi rolled John and beat the chasing bunch by the length of the home straight. The chasing bunch sprint was taken out by Marcel over Kate Stewart and Megan then Garry Buys came in for 6th to cap off a good night which included a win it the Masters 3 lap handicap.

The under 17 rider of the night was awarded to Emily Shearman for a gutsy effort to win both evenly contested under 15 girl handicap races. The over 17 rider of the night was awarded to Kelsi Eccles for determined effort to not waste her handicap and hold off a classy scratch bunch.


U19 Men and Senior Men 7 lap points race

1st Mark Finlay 10 points

2nd Matiu Kaihau 8 points

3rd Josh Chard 6 points

4th Steve Stannard 3 points

Under 17, under 19, Senior Women 5 laps race on whistle

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Kelsi Eccles

3rd Catherine Young

4th Tegan Roffe

Under 17 Boys 6 laps race on whistle

1st Cameron Howell

2nd George Roberts

3rd Jordan Castle

4th Matt Elliot

Under 15 Boys 5 laps race on the whistle

1st Josh Kendall

2nd Chris Denholm

3rd Robert Stannard

4th Cody Simpson

Under 15 girls 4 lap race on the whistle

1st Michaela Drummond

2nd Britteny Baker

3rd Emily Shearman

4th Grace Castle

Masters 5 lap race on whistle

1st Megan Blatchford

2nd Shaun Matena

3rd Ross Castle

4th Brent Zimmerman

Under 19 and Senior men 3 lap handicap race

1st Cameron Gibbons

2nd Steve Stannard

3rd Mark Finlay

4th Josh Chard

Under 17 and 19 women 3 lap handicap race

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Kelsi Eccles

3rd Renee Wadsworth

4th Catherine Young

Under 17 boys 3 lap handicap race

1st Takumi Clarke

2nd Jordan Castle

3rd Campbell Stewart

Under 15 boys 3 lap handicap race

1st James Cuff

2nd Michaela Drummond

3rd Cody Simpson

4th Hayden Washington-Smith

Under 15 girls 2 lap handicap race

1st Emily Shearman

2nd Brittany Ingram

3rd Libby Arbuckle

4th Corrie Keedle

Masters men 3 lap handicap race

1st Garry Buys

2nd John Clarke

3rd Shaun Matena

4th Peter Wenborn

Under 17 boys 7 lap handicap race

1st Jordan Castles

2nd Campbell Stewart

3rd Cameron Howell

4th George Roberts

Under 15 boys 5 lap handicap

1st Cody Simpson

2nd Robert Stannard

3rd Owen Ratcliffe

4th Hayden Washington-Smith

Under 15 girls 5 lap handicap race

1st Emily Shearman

2nd Grace Castle

3rd Britteny Baker

4th Brittany Ingram

Under19 and Men 10 lap handicap race

1st Matiu Kaihau

2nd Luuk van Wantendonk

3rd Josh Chard

Under 15 1 lap scratch race

1st Campbell Stewart

2nd Alex West

3rd Owen Ratcliffe

Under 17 and 19 women and masters men and women 8 lap handicap race

1st Kelsi Eccles

2nd John Clarke

3rd Marcel Hollenstein

4th Kate Stewart

Under 19 men and Senior men

1st Damien Lardner

2nd Mark Finlay

3rd Josh Chard

4th Steve Stannard