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Track results for Sunday 18th December 2011

The Tuesday night was called off due to rain and the weather forecast was promising the same for Thursday so the decision was made to race on the Sunday. The sky was overcast and a light but cool South Easterly wind made shorts and short sleeve shirts give way to jackets or goose bumps. The 1pm start time allowed for an extended programme which began with short points races followed by three up 500 metre scratch races, then 3 up 200 metre sprints to conclude in longer handicap races, all races raced in grades.

Three club supporters kindly donated a total of $180 in prize money for this Christmas meeting. In the long handicap races the first three in the seven grades that were raced received prize money. Also three special prizes were presented on the day, the first was to the rider who best used their handicap and rode a positive race. The prize of $20 went to under 15 rider Hayden Washington-Smith who finished 2nd in the under 15 boys and girls 6 lap handicap race.

The second prize was for the best ride of the day. This prize of $20 was awarded to Kyle Davy of Levin for his magnificent finish to just narrowly beat Campbell Stewart in the 9 lap handicap under 17 boys and girls race. The third prize was a special prize awarded to James Denholm the front marker in the under 17 boys and girls 9 lap handicap race. James rode strongly on his own in windy conditions to hold the field at bay for just over 8 laps. James was also presented with a book ’Round the Mountain’ 100 years of the Cycling Classic. Written by Ian Gray, that has just recently been published.

The next meeting is Thursday the 5th of January, with the season being in full swing and riders needing to be in peak condition for the River City Wheel Race Spectacular on the 22nd of January and the Centre Championships on the following weekend, time is fast running out and so we need to take every opportunity to best prepare our riders.

Results for 18th December 2011

Under 15 Girls 2 lap handicap race

1st Michaela Drummond

2nd Corrie Keeble

3rd Emily Shearman

4th Libby Arbuckle

Under 15 Boys 4 lap points race

1st Chris Denholm 10 points

2nd Carne Groube 6 points

3rd Hayden Washington-Smith 4 points

Under 17 Boys and Girls 5 lap points race

1st Jordan Castle 8 points

2nd George Roberts 6 points

3rd= Campbell Stewart 3 points

Kyle Davy 3 points

Under 19 Women, Senior and Masters Women and Men 4 lap points race

1st Hayley Giddens 8 points

2nd Kelsi Eccles 5 points

3rd Ross Castle 4 points

4th Teagan Roffe 3 points


Under 19 Men 5 lap points race

1st Matiu Kaihau 10 points

2nd = Mark Finlay 3 points

Marcel Holenstein 3 points

Cameron Gibbons 3 points

3up 500 metre scratch races

Heat 1 

1st Micheala Drummond 43.48

2nd Emily Shearman

3rd Simone Davy

Heat 2

1st Grace Castle 47.22

2nd Corrie Keeble

3rd Libby Arbuckle

Heat 3

1st Chris Denholm 46.38

2nd Hayden Wshington-Smith

3rd Carne Groube

Heat 4

1st Cameron Howell 40.28

2nd George Roberts

3rd Campbell Stewart

Heat 5

1st Kate Stewart 41.99

2nd Ruby Perry

3rd James Denholm

Heat 6

1st Josh Kendall 39.78

2nd Jordan Castle

3rd Kyle Davy

Heat 7

1st Hayley Giddens 43.23

2nd Kelsi Eccles

3rd Teagan Roffe

Heat 8

1st Sharon Hollenstein 45.56

2nd Tamara Ross

3rd Renee Wadsworth

Heat 9

1st Sean Whitehouse 40.02

2nd Cameron Gibbons

3rd Ross Castle

Heat 10

1st Matiu Kaihau 40.21

2nd Mark Finlay

3rd Marcel Hollenstein

4th Luuk van Wantendonk

200 metre 3up sprints

Heat 1

Hayden Wshington-Smith 16.09

Carne Groube

Chris Denholm

Heat 2

Kate Stewart 14.33

Ruby Perry

Michaela Drummond

Heat 3

Emily Shearman 16.62

Libby Arbuckle

Heat 4

Korrie Keeble 17.57

Grace Castle

Simone Davy

Heat 5

Cameron Howell 13.98

George Roberts

Heat 6

Kyle Davy 15.16

Josh Kendall

Heat 7

Campbell Stewart 14.41

Jordan Castle

James Denholm

Heat 8

Hayley Giddens 14.85

Kesi Eccles

Teagan Roffe

Heat 9

Tamara Ross 15.45

Renee Wadsworth

Heat 10

Sean Whitehouse 13.85

Luuk van Wantendonk

Cameron Howell

Heat 11

Matiu Kaihau 13.33

Mark Finlay

Under 15 Girls 6 lap handicap race

1st Emily Shearman

2nd Grace Castle

3rd Libby Arbuckle

4th Simone Davy

Under 15 Boys 6 lap handicap race

1st Carne Groube

2nd Hayden Washington-Smith

3rd Chris Denholm

Under 17 Boys 9 lap handicap race

1st Kyle Davy

2nd Campbell Stewart

3rd George Roberts

4th Josh Kendall



Under 17 Girls 9 lap handicap race

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Ruby Perry

Senior and Masters Women 10 lap handicap race

1st Tamara Ross

2nd Hayley Giddens

3rd Teagan Roffe

4th Sharon Hollenstein

Masters Men 10 lap handicap race

1st Ross Castle

2nd Marcel Hollenstein

Under 19 and Senior Men 14 lap handicap race

1st Matiu Kaihau

2nd Oiroa Kaihau

3rd Mark Finlay

4th Cameron Gibbons