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Track Racing Programme 30 October ’16

BIKE MANAWATU Track meeting


Venue: Johnston Park Feilding

ROAD BIKES: Warm up 1:15pm, racing 1:30pm sharp to 2:30pm

TRACK BIKES:  Warm up 2:30pm, first Race 3:00pm sharp

Track bike programme:                                                                       H/C = Handicap Race

  1. A Grade – 3 lap H/C
  2. B Grade – 3 lap H/C
  3. Masters Grade – 3 Lap H/C
  4. U15 B Grade – 5 lap Scratch races, neutral till race on whistle. 2 bunches.
  5. U15 A Grade – 5 lap Scratch races, neutral till race on whistle. 2 bunches.
  6. U17 Grade – 4 lap scratch (2 bunches)
  7. A & B Grades – 6 lap H/C
  8. Masters Grade – Miss and out race
  9. U15 B Grade – 3 lap H/C
  10. U15 A Grade – 4 lap H/C
  11. U17 Grade – Teams event, 2000m
  12. A Grade – Miss and out or sprint event
  13. Women Grade – 6 lap H/C
  14. U15 B Grade – 6 lap handicap race
  15. U15 A Grade – 8 lap handicap race
  16. U17 Grade – 10 lap handicap race
  17. A, B & Masters Grade – 12 lap handicap race



Race Manager: Ian Gray      Assistant Manager: To be appointed.

Commissaire/s: Graeme Eaton?, Wayne Fenn

Finish line duties: Paul or Danella Ainsworth, Jamie Falkner, Bernie Richmond, Dave Hoskin (Lap board), Suzanne Winterburn

Starter: Wayne Fenn

Handicapper: Ian Gray

First Aid: Dave Hoskin / Rob Gardner

Whip (calling next race and gate control): Mark Tuck or Simon Irvine

Bike checks: Brent Zimmerman

Registration: Kate Stewart

Race Manager for Road bikes: Joe Caldwell and Aaron Claasen


NOTE: Extra Judges, Timekeepers and holders to be appointed on night by Race Manager, as required.

Let Kate Stewart know  if your name is down to help on Sunday and you are unavailable.