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Track Cycling Results–30 Nov 2010

An excellent nights racing between the 23 riders that rolled up tonight. It was a stellar night for weather and the by the time the four riders went for their respective flying one lap records the wind had dropped completely. The highlight of the night was the breaking of three track records. First was to Lachie Ferguson who shaved 0.07 seconds off his own under 17 boys record by travelling the distance in 27.33sec. Second up was Kate Stewart who took 0.18sec off her under 15 girls record, ridding 32.54sec and then Megan Blatchford completely smashed Catherine Cheatley’s senior women’s record, taking off a massive 1.8 seconds to record 27.92 sec. Well done to all 3 riders!!!

In the under 17 and under 15 grade races three riders stood out on the night, Liam Barber showed improvement and used his good handicaps well to record a 1st and a 2nd Kate Stewart rode well to record two 2nds and sprinted particularly strong to sprint the bunch home for second in the long 7 lap handicap. Josh Kendall rode well off the scratch mark on his own to pull the field in the 4 lap and 7 lap handicap races showing his strength and will be a rider to watch in the future.

In the A and B grade the feature race of the night Matiu Kaihau showed his class, just recently returned from Oceania Track Cycling Championships in Australia, to ride from scratch and to win ever so comfortably. Damien Lardner, who gave his finest performance ever on the Feilding track, being the only rider to go with Matiu for 3 laps only to be dropped with just over 2 to go, but managed to hold on for 2nd: while Megan Blatchford capped off a fine night by sprinting the bunch home for third.

These are the results:

Rider of the night as selected by John Stewart was Lachie Ferguson for his effort to break his flying lap record.

A Grade 7 Lap points race

1st Matiu Kaihau 10 points

2nd Jaycob Humphreys 6 points

3rd Megan Blatchford 4 points

4th Sean Whitehouse 2 points

B Grade 6 lap race

1st George Roberts

2nd Jonty Hapeta

3rd James Hutton

4th Damian Lardner

Under 17/ under 15 6 lap scratch race

1st Josh Kendall

2nd Kate Stewart

3rd Kelsi Eccles

4th Ruby Perry






Flying Quarter Mile


Lachie Ferguson 27.33 Under 17 record old mark 27.40

Megan Blatchford 27.92 Senior womens record old mark 29.73

Jonty Hapeta 29.67

Kate Stewart 32.54 Under 15 girls record old mark 32.72

A Grade 4 Lap Handicap

1st Sean Whitehouse

2nd Jaycob Humphreys

3rd Matiu Kaihau

4th Marcel Hollenstein

B Grade 4 Lap Handicap

1st George Roberts

2nd Brent Zimmerman

3rd Damian Lardner

4th Barry Gilliland

Under 17 / 15 4 Lap Handicap

1st Catherine Young

2nd Liam Barber

3rd Brittany Ingram

4th Josh Kendall

3 Lap Olympic Team Sprint

1st Jaycob’s team 1.35.54

2nd Matiu’s team 1.35.58

3rd Brent’s team 1.38.42

4th Lachie’s team 1.38.95

A team of Sean Whiehouse, Jaycob Humphreys and Matiu Kaihau completed the 3 laps in 1.29.36

U17 / 15 7 Lap Handicap

1st Liam Barber

2nd Kate Stewart

3rd Josh Kendall

4th Campbell Stewart

A & B Grade 16 Lap Handicap

1st Matiu Kaihau

2nd Damien Lardner

3rd Megan Blatchford

4th Jonty Hapeta