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Track Cycling Results–14 Dec 2010

PB300628The light rain cleared long enough for the mild conditions to dry the track and we were left with a heavily overcast sky and a light Southerly breeze. The track was looking her best with Albert James of the Manawatu District council arranging for the lines to be repainted and club supporters Ian Gray, Greg Bryan and Darren Humphreys investing 8 man hours on Sunday cutting back the grass edges to expose the full track for the safety of the riders. The feature of the night was to be the Club Championships for the 500 metre standing start time trial, the cool track and moist air were not ideal but the absence of a strong wind was welcomed. The stellar performance of the night was the unofficial equalling of a New Zealand record to Megan Blatchford in the Womans Masters 3 category. Megans time of 40.32 seconds was 2 seconds faster than the old track record. It is heartening to think that a humble outdoor, asphalt provincial track like Feilding when mixed with a world class athlete like Megan can produce an international quality result.

We had 25 riders roll up including two new riders. While the programme was dominated by the individual time trials we did have a couple of scratch and handicap races for each of the grades, the feature was the 18 lap A & B grade handicap race with 17 riders presented to the starter. This race proved to have the most pace of any race held on the track for a number of years thanks to all riders competing at capacity and working well within their respective bunches, this made scratchman, Matui Kahau’s victory all the more remarkable. Matui gave the next group a 70 metre head start over the 15 lap journey, this group contained Sean Whitehouse, Steve Stannard and Jaycob Humphreys. Matui went for it from the gun but the next group was not going to surrender without a fight. After 3 laps of full effort from Matui the gap had increased and he began to show signs of wilting but he didn’t give it away. At around lap 5 he started to eat into the handicap. At lap 8 Matui joined the main bunch and took the opportunity to take stock and catch his breath for a moment before he moved through the bunch and past still in pursuit of the next bunch which had been working well together negotiating traffic and wearing away at Matui’s resistance. Matui caught them with 5 laps to go and sat on them to rest and roll through with them. Matui found himself on the front with 3 laps to go and took the opportunity to put the hurt on the group, at this point the big efforts put in by Sean caught up and he drifted off the bunch but thanks to his earlier efforts was still able to cruise in for fourth. Jaycob fought to keep Matui’s wheel and Steve showed them all how the old bull does it by sitting on. On the final bend the finish was to be complicated by the laping of the main bunch and so a crowded finish line but Matui controlled the finish as he had controlled the race to win from Steve who had rolled Jaycob for second.

The spectators enjoyed a world class NZ record equalling performance from Megan and washed it down with an all action fast paced competitive handicap race performed by hardworking skilled and fit athletes.

The last meeting for 2010 will be held on 21st of December this will be the Christmas meeting with prizes!!

The first meeting of 2011 will be the 4th of January.

These are the results:

Rider of the night as selected by Ian Gray was Megan Blatchford because of her class effort in unofficially equalling the New Zealand Womans Masters 3 time of 40.32 seconds for the 500m TT. A number of riders put in bold bids for the prize but only one can be awarded.

Under 15’s and Under 17 girls 6 laps

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Bradley Nelson

3rd Campbell Stewart

4th Liam Barber


B Grade 6 laps

1st Cameron Gibbons

2nd Mike McMinn

3rd James Hutton

4th Damian Lardner



A Grade 6 laps

1st Matui Kaihau

2nd Jaycob Humphreys

3rd Sean Whitehouse

4th Megan Blatchford

Club Championship 500 metre standing time trials


Womans masters 3

Megan Blatchford 40.32 seconds

Equal NZ masters 3 and track record

Under 15 girls

Elizabeth Stannard


Under 15 boys

Robert Stannard 48.64 3rd

Liam Barber 45.47 2nd

Campbell Stewart 43.89 1st

Under 17 girls

Ruby Perry 45.36 2nd

Kate Stewart 43.07 1st 













Under 17 boys

Andrew Bengston 46.98

Mike McMinn 43.21

James Hutton 41.66

George Roberts 41.63 3rd

Jonty Hapeta 41.19 2nd

Cameron Gibbons 40.94 1st 



Under 19 Women

Rachel Southee 45.55 2nd

Kelsi Eccles 43.50 1st

Under 19 Men

Bradley Nelson 44.14

Damian Lardner 41.49 3rd

Jaycob Humphreys 39.54 2nd

Matui Kaihau 37.86 1st

Masters Men

Andy Ward 53.40

Peter Wenborn 43.65 3rd

Steve Stannard 41.03 2nd

Shaun Matena 40.58 1st

Under 15 and under 17 girls 10 lap handicap race

1st Liam Barber

2nd Robert Stannard

3rd Elizabeth Stannard

4th Campbell Stewart

A and B Grade 18 lap handicap race

1st Matui Kaihau

2nd Steve Stannard

3rd Jaycob Humphreys

4th Sean Whitehouse