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Track Cycling Results–11 Jan 2010

A mild warm night with a slight South east breeze reminding all present that Feilding has a stellar history as a rural services town. A smaller than usual group of only 15 riders made it to the track tonight but the group provided a good cross section of cyclists with younger 14 year olds to older masters 5 riders proving that cycling is a sport for all ages.

Numbers in the masters category allowed us to have separate and evenly contested masters races, a feature of this was the entertaining good humoured banter between the riders and from the spectators. The nights racing was made up of the usual graded warm up races and finished with the normal long handicap races but the middle bit was well outside any definition of ordinary. Ian Gray bought his motor bike over from Palmerston North. The bike has been modified as a motor pace bike and was used to give all riders some experience in Keiren racing. Given that local lad Simon van Velthooven medalled for New Zealand at the Commonwealth games in this event, it stands to reason that his club mates should be familiar with the event. Some riders took a little while to become comfortable with having the motor bike on the track at all, but then to be expected to chase it, that was a little outside their comfort zone. After some practice all riders learnt about the Keiren and then actually raced in one. All riders present also completed 200 metre flying start sprints in groups of three with riders of similar ability. The riders played cat and mouse for the first lap to secure their preferred starting position and then faces grimace, arms tense, legs pump and wheels sing as it is all on to the finish line. A good nights racing with great conditions, clean and safe racing from the riders and stand up comedy from some of the spectators made for a fun and entertaining night of sport in a pleasant family environment.

These are the results:

Rider of the night Jaycob Humphreys as he was a dominant force on the night with four wins from four starts and from scratch on the two handicap races.

U15 boys and U17 girls 5 lap race

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Campbell Stewart

3rd Brittany Ingram

Mastetrs 3 lap race

1st Marcel Hollenstein

2nd Barry Gilliland

3rd Pete Wenborn

4th Shaun Matena

U19 boys 3 lap handicap

1st Jaycob Humphreys

2nd Cameron Gibbons

3rd James Hutton

A & B Grade Keiren 4 laps

1st Jaycob Humphreys

2nd Brent Zimmerman

3rd Marcel Hollenstein

4th Pete Wenborn





U19 boys Keiren 4 laps

1st Cameron Gibbons

2nd Mike McMinn

3rd Damien Lardner

4th James Hutton

Masters Keiren 4 laps

1st Shaun Matena

2nd Barry Gilliland

3rd Andrew Ward

4th Lyal Goggin

U17 girls and U15 boys

1st Campbell Stewart

2nd Kate Stewart

3rd Brittany Ingram

200m flying start sprints in groups of three

James Hutton 14.08

Mike McMinn

Cameron Gibbons

Jaycob Humphreys 14.24

Shaun Matena

Damien Lardner

Brent Zimmerman 14.80

Marcel Hollenstein

Barry Gilliland

Campbell Stewart 17.59

Kate Stewart

Brittany Ingram

Pete Wenborn 15.76

Lyal Goggin

Andrew Ward

Cameron Gibbons 15.54

James Hutton

Mike McMinn

10 lap handicap race

1st Campbell Stewart

2nd Kate Stewart

3rd Andrew Ward

4th Pete Wenborn

16 lap handicap race

1st Jaycob Humphreys

2nd Marcel Hollenstein

3rd Damian Lardner

4th Mike McMinn