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Track Cycling Results for Thursday 5th January 2012


With the championship part of the season about to begin the decision was made to resume the season a little early on the Thursday night rather than wait for the usual Tuesday night. While the 16 riders that rode was well down on the seasons average so far it was equal to the comparative years opening meeting last year. It was a mild night with a heavily overcast sky and a westerly wind that came in and out as the night went on, not strong enough to dominate the night but enough to be challenging to the riders not in the bunch.


The nights racing was made up of a short handicap race as a warm up followed by a short points race followed by team sprints and closed out with the traditional long handicap race. While the races were conducted in grades the races followed the same patterns with bunch finishes in the short handicap races the same riders finishing first, second and third in each of the two sprints in the respective points races and the scratch rider in each of the long handicap races battling against bunches that contained the balance of the field and were shielded from the wind. The audience was treated to a display of dogged human determination and perseverance from the scratch rider as they slowly over came their handicap to reach the bunch and in the last race to reach then pass the bunch.

Both long handicap races could be awarded race of the night but to show that fairytales don’t always come true the under 15 boys and girls 8 lap handicap race was chosen. The field of four was spread over half of the track with Hayden Washington-Smith on scratch. Both Grace Castle and Britteny Baker started aggressively and Grace had bridged the gap to limit marker Libby Arbuckle after a lap and it only took another lap for Britteny to catch them and so it became a battle over the remaining six laps between the bunch and scratch rider Hayden. The wind was most evident at turn three to turn four as each time Hayden hit turn three he was seen to waiver within the sprinters lane. The bunch was working well together as they proved to be hard to get and the gap remained constant at over 100 metres and it looked as if the handicapper may have been too hard on Hayden. When the race reached lap five of eight the gap began to reduce as the bunch had difficulty maintaining its previous consistency. The crowd stepped up their support as they could appreciate Hayden’s effort and see that he had a real chance of bridging the gap. As the laps available reduced so did the distance between Hayden and the bunch and with 300 metres to go Hayden latched onto the bunch. A fine effort given the wind and that he was up against a bunch riding well together. At the 200 metre mark Britteny made a bid for the line and opened a gap she would not relinquish. Grace was able to hold onto her sprint for longer than Libby and so took second. Hayden was on empty and was not able to respond to the call to chase.

Results for 5th January 2012

Under 15 Girls and Boys 3 lap handicap race

1st Libby Arbuckle

2nd Hayden Washington-Smith

3rd Grace Castle

Under 17 Boys and Girls 3 lap handicap race

1st Josh Kendall

2nd Jordan Castle

3rd Bryce Hirchfield

4th Britteny Baker

The Rest 4 lap Handicap

1st Jaycob Humphreys

2nd Brent Zimmerman

3rd Megan Blatchford

4th Shaun Matene


Under 15 Boys and Girls 4 lap points race

1st Hayden Washington-Smith 10 points

2nd Libby Arbuckle 6 points

3rd Grace Castle 4 points

Under 17 Boys and Girls 5 lap points race

1st Josh Kendall 10 points

2nd Jordan Castle 6 points

3rd George Roberts 4 points

4th Bryce Hirchfield 2 points


The Rest (men) 6 lap points race

1st Jaycob Humphreys 10 points

2ndMarcel Hollenstein 6 points

3rd Ross Castle 4 points

4th Shaun Matene 2 points

The Rest (women) 6 lap points race

1st Megan Blatchford 10 points

2nd Kelsi Eccles 6 points

3rd Sharon Hollenstein 4 points

Team sprints

Marcel Hollenstein 1.35.36

Brent Zimmerman

Jaycob Humphreys

Shaun Matene 1.38.76

Grace Castle

Josh Kendall

Britteny Baker 1.39.45

George Roberts

Jaycob Humphreys

Megan Blatchford 1.41.63

Brent Zimmerman

Ross Castle

Hayden Washington-Smith 1.42.51

Bryce Hirchfield

Jordan Castle

Abby Arbuckle 1.45.45

Kelsi Eccles

Sharon Hollenstein

Under 15 Boys and Girls 8 lap handicap race

1st Britteny Baker

2nd Grace Castle

3rd Abby Arbuckle

4th Hayden Washington-Smith

The Rest (Women) 12 lap handicap race

1st Megan Blatchford

2nd Sharon Hollenstein

3rd Kelsi Eccles

The Rest (Men) 12 lap handicap race

1st Jaycob Humphreys

2nd George Roberts

3rd Jordan Castle

4th Marcel Hollenstein

Racing is held on Tuesday nights at Johnston Park Feilding with racing to start at 6.10pm. As the track is too slippery for the bikes if wet racing will be cancelled if it is raining.