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Track Cycling Results – 29 March 2011

Tonight marked the end of a stellar season with good weather conditions, outstanding athletes and great performances culminating in the club providing half of the West Coast North Island team that attended the nationals and then topping that off with national titles. Over the season we had 60 individuals on track bikes contest one or more events. The 11 hardy cyclists that turned up tonight were rewarded with a very pleasant night with a light breeze to assist them down the back straight and prize money.

The programme started with an all in 12 lap handicap race and then it was left to the riders to select the rest of the programme. The next event was the flying 200 metre time trials as the conditions suited this event and then team sprints followed by short scratch races.

The first all in handicap race had the most money on the table with money to first and second in an intermediate sprint as well as to the first three finishers. As the race covered all abilities the handicaps ranged from scratch to over a lap. The larger second group that enjoyed a half lap advantage started sedately which allowed the aggressive and cohesive scratch riders in Luuk van Wagtendonk and Jaycob Humphreys to catch them at the 5 laps to go mark. At the halfway point the whistle blew to signal the intermediate sprint lap, at this point Brittany Ingram was well clear of the next group containing the under 15 boys and under 17 girls. The whistle marked the start of Campbell Stewart’s attempt to single handedly chase down Brittany and claim the $10 first prize, while he was chewing though the gap he came up short but was able to cruise in for the $5 second prize. After securing the cash Campbell sat up but not for long as his sister reminded him the race was not over and she was going to make the most of the gap they still had over the chasing bunch and they still had not caught the determined Brittany.

The scratch riders continued to work together at the front of the chasing bunch but encouraged others to take a turn on the front. With 3 laps to go the chasing bunch became the leading bunch and with the pace on the group became strung out with the scratch riders continuing to dictate the pace. At the 2 laps to go point the scratch riders moved away and at the bell Jaycob went clear to take the $15 prize for first and Luuk was able to coast in for the $10 second prize and Damian Lardner fought off a strong challenge from James Hutton to take the $5 third prize.

The 200 metre time trials were noted for Brent Zimmermans effort in breaking the masters 4 record that he set on the 15th of march and Ruby Perry setting a new personal best.

The road bikes on track group enjoyed good numbers with indications that a number will graduate to track bikes next season. The move to Bike Manawatu has provided a boost to the number of masters cyclists competing which has provided great contests. The momentum that is building within the schools cycling programme continues to grow the pool of cyclists and with the publicity around the velodrome bid, track cycling is gaining in awareness and becoming the summer sport of choice for a number of athletes. This club can claim past, current and future world class track cyclists making it a sport that can provide a future for its athletes and outstanding entertainment for its spectators. We can rightly look forward to a stellar 2011/2012 season given the success of this season and the prospects for next season.

Prizegiving and end of season wrap up will be held on the 12th of April at the Feilding Rugby Clubrooms at 7.30pm.

These are the results:

All in 12 lap Handicap race

1st Jaycob Humphreys $15

2nd Luuk van Wagtendonk $10

3rd Damian Lardner $5

Intermediate sprint

1st Brittany Ingram $10

2ndCampbell Stewart $5

200m flying start time trial

Ruby Perry 15.07

Kate Stewart 14.36

Brent Zimmerman 13.61 New Record M4

Team Sprints

Kate Stewart

Cameron Gibbons 1.34.73

Jaycob Humphreys

Brittany Ingram

James Hutton 1.37.90

Jaycob Humphreys

Ruby Perry

Damian Lardner 1.39.75

Brent Zimmerman

Michaela Drummond

Campbell Stewart 1.40.40

Luuk van Wagtendonk

Age grade 2 lap scratch race

1st Kate Stewart $10

2nd Campbell Stewart $5

3rd Ruby Perry $5

A & B grade 3 lap scratch race

1st Jaycob Humphreys $10

2nd James Hutton $5

3rd Luuk van Wagtendonk $5

4th Brent Zimmerman