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Track Chit Chat with Ian Gray 6


Although there was less riders present than usual, probably due to end of school and the start of the pre Christmas rush, we saw what I considered the best pre Christmas racing I have seen on the Feilding track. Even considering the moderate easterly wind the racing was fast and exciting, the riders showing excellent fitness, and this is good for the top riders to reach top form end of Janurary prior to the first nationals at Cambridge.

The three highlights were firstly the A grade 2 Lap handicap, won by Liam Brown from Andrew McKenzie, where the riders speed out of the blocks was amazing, especially Carne Groube  and Chris Denholm respectively having a handicap of 25 and 30 meters on Campbell Stewart. These 2 left there marks like “scaled cats” and gave no change to lone scratchy Campbell Stewart to make up any of hid deficit handicap in the first lap- in fact he lost a few meters!

The second highlight was in the long handicap U15’s race, the longest they have raced over 8 laps this season when middle marker Michael Richmond was a convincing winner for his first Club win of the season from promising new rider Jamie Dennis and front marker Kyra Craine held on for third.

The third highlight was probably the race of the night, which was the 14 Lap handicap which was a combined A & B grade event.

The front bunch was given a 430 meter handicap start and it was great to see them really work hard to try stay clear. Michaela Drummond and Emily Shearman worked well for this bunch. However a strong scratch bunch caught the leaders with 4 Laps to go and Campbell Stewart was in scintillating form and went from the 200m line to win comfortably from James Denholm.

In fact I timed Campbell over the last 200m and he produced an amazing 12.4sec, which is very quick for the Feilding track. In fact the fasted 200m in the record book is held by Jono Hamlin at 11.95sec. for Feilding.

The rider of the night award goes to Michael Richmond, for his very good win in the U15’s 8 lap Handicap- congrats to Michael.

It looks like the weather doesn’t look promising for this Sunday’s Christmas meet, so keep looking on the Facebook and website to see if it is on.

Merry Christmas to all riders, parents and supporters!