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Track Chit Chat – December

On Tuesday evening (9th Dec 2015), at 7pm at the Feilding Velodrome a light zephyr had begun to fade away, but the temperature was a little brisk when the third round of the 1 Lap (standing start) timetrials commenced. 
After the U15’s and U17’s had completed their rides, the U19’s, senior riders and masters were given a few laps warmup. James Cuff, after his fast unofficial time the 2 weeks ago was given the first ride as an official record attempt, and a fast time was expected. However the small crowd and officials did not anticipate that they were to witness one of the greatest timetrial times to be ridden on the Feilding track.
James got off to a amazingly good start so smooth and powerful, that he rode the first 100 meters in 10.2secs and by the 150 mark he was up to top speed which looked ever so fast. Past the 200m mark and into the finishing straight he looked magnificent and he was over the finishing line in a flash.
When the three timekeepers had their times recorded, the official time of 28.70 secs was James ridden time. He smashed Liam Browns record time of 29.26sec recorded 2 weeks earlier by an amazing 0.56 seconds!
James becomes the first person to ride under 29secs on the Feilding track, riding the last 300 meters at 12.3secs 200m equivalents, which is quick considering the record for a flying 200m time trial is 11.90 on Feilding.
James record certainly ranks among the top 5 time trial records for Feilding.
Two other new records were also set on Tuesday night:
Gabrielle Wildbore broke the masters 1 womens record recording 37.69 (old time 38.08) held by Nicola Wallace since 2004, who was one of the timekeepers helping on Tuesday.
Grant Haggett shaved 0.32secs off Arron Kibblewhites 2013 masters 2 record, of 32.89 to record a smart 32.57secs.
Congrats to all record breakers on the night.
The last 2 races of the night were the U15s 7 Lap handicap and due to the low numbers the remaining twelve riders rode a 10 Lap handicap.
Logan McKinnon had his handicap slashed by 100 meters after his win at the carnival yet showed improvement and held on comfortably to win by over 100 meters from scratch rider Michael Richmond, Dras Caldwell and Ben Irvine.
In the final race Libby Arbuckle rode intelligently and strongly to win from Grant Haggett, Angus Classen and Joe Caldwell.
The next scheduled meeting is the last for the year, the Xmas meeting on Sunday Dec 20th.
The track programme for the New Year will be out before Xmas so watch this Facebook page.


Track Chit Chat- Ian Gray – 16th December 

Xmas comes once a year and is always full of excitment and good cheer where most families all get together for fellowship and Xmas 2015 should be no exception!

There should be some real excitment at our final track meet on Sunday 20th at 3:00pm when a big Xmas prize is to be won by a “Rookie” U15 rider. All U15 riders who have ridden track meets at Feilding since the beginning the track season will go in a draw to have a chance of winning a Brand New Australian Built “Hillbrick Track Bike”. It is a very nice well designed blue bike, looks splendid and I am sure will ride well on the track- 

Make sure you are there at Sunday racing at 3:00pm!