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TOUR DE MANAWATU – Two or Three Laps?

As usual, Colin (Wal) Anderson is organising “Extra Credit” for those who enjoy a long ride.

TDM multi-lap

In conjunction with the Tour de Manawatu will be unofficial 2 and 3 laps of the course.


3 lap version 10pm start= Saturday evening

2 lap version   3am start= Sunday morning.

Both start at the GULL station on Tremaine Ave.

You MUST be pre registered as a TDM rider.

As usual this is NOT an official TDM ride, just a training ride Pre Taupo.

All usual rules apply, including  front and rear lighting.

Lap departure sign out sheet at GULL.

For the final lap, you will be riding in the Tour de Manawatu and must follow their marshals and signage through to the finish.

Contact Colin for more information