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This weekend is the Country Road….

CountryRoadThe Country Road Manawatu Cycle Classic is an amazing experience, displaying all of the Manawatu’s scenic delights, from stunning views of river valleys clothed in vibrant rural farmland, through to native bush hugging the foothills of the majestic Ruahine Ranges.

There has been a very high level of collaboration between key stakeholders with tremendous support of local councils who sped up completing road works so it’s safer for cyclists, including sweeping corners and intersection along the route.

The event is called a classic to signify 160km or what used to be called “Century Races of 100 miles in the “olden days”…

The organisers recognise various levels of ability and provide 40km options for people to “have a go” knowing that next year they might do 80km or even the entire course. As at Thursday there are 183 registrants which may indicate around another 80+ will register in next 2 days as people check the weather forecast and decide to overcome their “umming and ahhing”.

The route is an easy ride with a relatively relaxed climb to Kimbolton before entering the grunt (and scenically stunning) phase from Kimbolton to Ashhurst before rolling home to finish at Memorial Park.

Grab a partner or two and enter 160km solo, or two person 80km, or 4 person 40km. You won’t regret it.

Register online at