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This person deserves “a medal” or something.

The below email has been sent to me and shows that a good turn doesn’t go by unnoticed. Are you or do you know the person concerned?

Hi John
Just thought I would tell you what happened to Anna last Sunday. She ended up biking pretty much the whole two laps by herself which is no biggie because next time she wants to try and get into a better position to not get left behind and try and stay with a group……’s all a big learning curve.
While she was biking an older boy pulled up beside her and asked her if she was ok? Head wind and all she said yes but finding it hard on her own, so he said “tuck in behind me and I will help you”. He stayed with her for about 2 kms and then said “sorry I have to go”.
Pete and I were amazed and thought that story needs repeating. He gave up his “time” to help her and we thought that was lovely.
Regards Diana