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This is from Queensland Australia.

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New cycling rules

Whether you travel on 2 wheels, 4 wheels or more, we all need to get along and share the road safely.

That’s why the Queensland Government has introduced new laws that set a minimum passing distance and equal fines for cyclists with motorists.

These rules are designed to protect all users and recognise the vulnerability of cyclists on our roads, and are just some of the ways the government is delivering safer Queensland roads.

What are the new rules?

Minimum passing distance for motorists

By law motorists must give:

  • a minimum of 1 metre when passing cyclists in a 60km/h or less speed zone
  • at least 1.5 metres where the speed limit is over 60km/h.

Motorists will be allowed to cross centre lines, including double unbroken centre lines, straddle lane-lines or drive on painted islands to pass cyclists provided the driver has a clear view of any approaching traffic and it is safe to do so.

The minimum passing distance will be trialled for 2 years and will help make drivers more aware of cyclists.

Learn more about the road rules, road safety and fines.

Fines for cyclists

Responsible cycling means following the road rules.

To improve road safety, cyclists who break the road rules will pay fines equal to motorists.

Fines will also be increased to more appropriate levels for rules that are specific to cyclists.

Cyclists who follow the road rules will not be affected by these changes. View the full list of offences and fine amounts.

Learn more about the bicycle road rules and safety.

How will these changes affect you?

Find out what changes are being made, what you are allowed to do and what happens if you break the rules by reading our factsheet and frequently asked questions (PDF, 300KB).

How did these new rules come about?

A Queensland Parliamentary Committee inquiry was conducted to determine what can be done to improve interactions between motorists and cyclists and the safety of cyclists on the road.

The inquiry received numerous submissions from cycling and motoring groups and members of the public and made 68 recommendations aimed at improving cycling safety.

The Queensland Government has committed to review all the recommendations. While this happens, the introduction of legislation on the new minimum passing distances and equal fines for cyclists (relating to recommendations 8, 9, 14 and 31) has been expedited.

The intent of this is to bring some immediate improvements to the safety of cyclists on Queensland roads.

Learn more about the committee’s recommendations.