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The tussle at the top continues

The final night to accumulate points and what should be a factor that doesn’t surprise, the weather. After a balmy warm afternoon in town and arriving out at Kairanga early it felt as if there was rain in the air. And sure enough right on time it started to rain. But it was warm and no wind and only light rain. So with the prospects of only the die hards turning up and calls from one to cancel “Toughen up – Megan” helpers were assigned their various jobs. One clever person suggested that all riders stand in the shelter of the Horizons building and cross the road to the start line when it was their time to start. “Toughen up – Andy”

Next week there will be a time trial and times will be taken and results available but there will be no points accumulated. The points tallies have been finalised and prizemoney will be paid out to members who are present at next weeks prizegiving which will be held after the time trial. Finger food and drinks available

A special thanks today to the helpers who stood in the rain so the riders could have some fun. Kirsty, Chris, Stu, Rob and Michael’s dad. You are all amazing and your support is appreciated by all of the riders.

Click here for results.

Comment from one rider who did toughen up ‘riders who didn’t fancy getting wet missed a perfect evening to do a personal best. A windless evening and fast wet road resulted in the fastest conditions of the series.”