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The final kick in the guts

You can rest assured that the diverse and motivated group from this region put together the absolute best bid possible to try to secure the NZ Cycling Centre of Excellence at Massey. We knew it to be the best bid….and we were fully funded! Unfortunately there were bigger forces at play which we were not able to compete with or control. As the fellow from Christchurch cycling said earlier on in the process….” the goal posts weren’t moved, they were kicked down…”, and on more than one occasion. I know what he fells like. I could write a book.

There have been many twists and turns. We remained patient, hoping that good sense and good process would prevail. Cest la vie.

Waikato may provide a great venue for our elite cyclists. However I and many others  remain unconvinced that the proposal that has been accepted will be sustainable or better than what we could have provided here in Manawatu. A velodrome  would have been an absolute  ‘ win win ‘ within our community on the Massey campus, unlike the massive division it has created in Mooloo land. Their poor ratepayers are burnt-out! It is funny how democracy can work in some cases.

I would personally like to once more thank all involved, our City leaders, Massey,  all the positive support received from both the cycling and the wider community, our mystery donor…… The support here in Manawatu has been fantastic and second to none. The strength of this community has been revealed….now we need to tap it!

On a more positive note, the Bike Manawatu Coaching Group has made excellent progress in developing a framework that hopefully will cater to all our members. We have a group of approximately 15-20 individuals who are keen to develop their coaching skills, and to spread the expertise and intellectual knowledge in our club across a wider base.

There are excellent club events planned right through to Christmas, ……check the calendar for all racing and your recreational rides.

Chins up

Paul van Velthooven