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That is what inspiration is all about.

I am sure that we in the Manawatu have a few such athletes equally inspired as Burnie. Please read this story.

Three weeks ago Te Awamutu Cycling Club ran their first track race night of the season and a young kid Burnie came down to race. I asked him if he had ridden the track before and he said “no, just watched it on TV at the Olympics”. He was set up on a bike and started in the ‘newbies’ races. Two race night’s later Burnie is riding B grade and winning races. He has an awesome sprint and never gives up.

It turns out that Burnie drew Simon Van Velthooven out as his athlete at school to follow during the Olympics. And Rhino’s performance in London and the way he conducted himself inspired Burnie to take up cycling and put his rugby aside to emulate Simon at the Olympics. Now that’s what it’s all about!

Since this date Burnie has sold all of his playstation games on trade me so that he can buy a metre of the new velodrome at Cambridge.