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Thanks for making a visitor feel welcome.

I thought I would share this email with all the people that met Nick while he was here. Obviously some of you got to ride with him also.


Hello Glenys
Just to say I have got back to the UK following my week in Palmy. A big thanks to yourself for the help with routes and contacts.
Also, a big thanks to your club for making me feel welcome. I made it out for a your Sunday run (very wet and windy!) and your club mates gave me a warm welcome.
I enjoyed the riding, it makes a change to ride somewhere so flat, you can cover some distance quickly!!
I also managed to get out on my own and do your suggested Stoney Creek loop. Despite the insane headwind up the Stoney Creek road 🙂 it was a good loop. I enjoyed the blast back down to Ashhurst from Colyton!
Thanks again for taking the time out to give me a few pointers Glenys. Should you or any of your club find themselves in Yorkshire in the UK at any point, and fancy a spin in the Peak District, then I would gladly take them for a spin to return the favor!
Have a good summer.
Nick (Sheffrec CC) – Tall guy on the black Felt FC